Was Carl Bethel the initiator of the nasty vicious rumours of the demise of the PM?


<<< Carl ‘Undernourished’ Bethel, the ALBINO Mongoloid and Chairman of the FNM is alleged to have spread rumours of the PM’s demise this weekend.

Nassau, Bahamas — Deep wickedness in the FNM is to blame for the nasty attack and rumours against Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham. Sources deep in the FNM tell us it is alleged, “Carl Bethel and his goons may have been the perpetrators of those lies against the PM who is in South Africa attending the World Cup.”

You would recall we reported previously that Bethel was alleged to have been the ‘Prostitute’ to the Tribune who reported on a supposed rift between the PM and Dr. Hubert Minnis.

It has been also reported that Bethel may have been the INITIATOR of vicious and scandalous rumours on former FNM Senator Tanya McCartney. It is said he has developed a pattern of such nasty and vile behaviour. He has no SHAME! And PM had good and valid reasons to fire that ALBINO Mongoloid.

An FNM source tell us, “They are trying to undermine the leadership of the Rt. Honorable Prime Minister while he is out of the country, but we warn them the day the maximum leader returns, the house will be set in order and heads may roll.”


  1. LMAO@ Carl! So he left papa name out of them three things. Carl you know that papa is the devil man, call him out because no amount of money in the world will be able to make your spot in hell comfortable for being an advocate of the devil.

  2. WoW for months ive been hearing that Carl Bethel is a sly wicked back stabber. I honestly saw it was lies because I find him to be very weak but I dont know what it is but im starting to change my mind. He mightve lied and made up stories about Hubert Ingraham but trust me Ingraham is no one to play with and Carl will see it once for all. TRUST ME.

  3. Bethel we believe start the rumours on the PM’s death and began spreading it further LIVE ON ZNS TV-13. How can you blame others for what the Chairman began?

    WHAT UTTER NASTINESS. Had Bahamas Press started or contributed to such, we would not see the end of criticism for doing so.

    The Chairman and his goons must take responsibility for crafting such vicious nasty lies and should be removed for fueling it on national TV.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  4. BP, Senior people in the FNM believe that Carl is a very devious fella and they believe that he started the rumours on Tanya and the story in the Tribune with Dr. Minnis and the PM. They believe that based on one of the words quoted in the story that is a favourite word of Carl. They believe that he is quite capable to this kind of thing. In answer to truthhurts, I heard the rumour from FNMS. When one is planting stories, you do not go to your side to start it, you give it to the next guy. Carl is good at this, Fred Williamson was used to go to various bars during the Lizzy by election to speard gossip and misinformation for and on behalf of Carl and the FNM. Carl has a pattern of such behaviour.

  5. So if the rumor started from Carl Bethel, how come almost everybody who I spoke to, who heard it, was a staunch PLP supporter. My God what level have we stooped to if they feel the only way to beat the PM now is to kill him? BAHAMAS get a grip. IT’S ONLY POLITICS. WE WILL ONLY GET BETTER WHEN EACH MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD TAKES PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE CONTRIBUTION THAT HE/SHE MUST MAKE TO THE BETTERMENT OF THE BAHAMAS.THE PARLIAMENTARIANS WILL NEVER HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS.

  6. Carl was at the Conclave in Freeport and seeing that the event was well planned, it is safe to say that he had the PM’s permission. In addition, all of Grand Bahama’s representation were there including Zhivargo. I think that your intent for Carl is flawed as there is no way that Zhivargo would participate in such event without the PM’s permission. As with the rumor, it could only be a PLP operative that is spreading it. PLP’s under the leadership of Perry’s Christie have a track record of spreading such lies. This lying trait seems to have advanced since the last election. Remember, it was them who tried to initiate a riot by saying that they have won the elections knowing that they had not.

    Being a young Bahamian, I do look at each party’s traits and try to analyze which one has better morals or ethics. I feel that both have some characteristics that are common but to me, the PLP seem to be a bit extreme. In my opinion, this is a reflection of its leadership and perhaps changing it before the next election would be a good strategy. The party does have members that have some ethical standards but they are not in position to influence the parties culture. As for me. I really wish we had a strong alternative party because it put an end to both parties monopoly on the Bahamian people.

  7. I am told that he was the key note speaker at the FNM’s over the weekend conclave in Freeport Grand Bahama to discuss, as they said, the way forward. Did Carl get Hubert’s permission to convene such a conclave? I doubt it and besides what way forward are they discussing? Their term is finished, they should be packing their bags and cleaning out their desks for their PLP successors. By the way, I drove by workers house and they had about 20 vehicles. If there are any supporters, other than the handful of diehards left here in FNM country, they were surely not interested in what Carl Bethel, Neko Grant, Zhivargo Laing, Quzie and David Thompson, Verna Grant, Freddie McAlpine, Pintard nor Kenneth Russell had to say.

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