Who let the dogs out? Corporal Sergeant and Constables Sands and Clarke will be arraigned in connection with prison break


Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking news coming into BP confirms a police sergeant and two officers are being held and questioned in the quarter guard section at the CDU in connection with the escape of two shackled prisoners at 3am early Tuesday.

All through the streets of Kemp Road, particularly near the Five Pound Lot, police combed the streets for two wanted men who prepared their escape in the wee hours of the morning out of a prison cell at Central Police Station in downtown Nassau.

The escape gripped the nation creating a rollercoaster air of thrill as law officers descended en masse onto the streets moving with loud sirens, hanging out of vans while carrying high-powered weapons. The scene was chaotic and tense as senior high-ranking officers of the RBPF join the nationwide search.

BP was called on duty at Command Central on East Hill Street to assist in coordinating the search. Calls came from every nook and cranny forcing the lock down of Central Police Station, Potter’s Cay Dock and the entire community of Kemp Road.

“Get on the ground and stay in your homes,” were the repeated words carried across a loud speaker as the manhunt-tracked heavily near the men who were locked in chains and on the run; maneuvering their way through the residents. A last one man was discovered in his boxers tightly chained but unarmed. He was shot dead as he attempted to exit a dwelling.

“Stay on the ground,” eyewitnesses tell us, was the words shouted by an officer who then allegedly pointed his high-powered weapon on the escapee, Ricardo Knowles. “Stay on the ground, don’t move! Stay on the ground don’t move! Stay…[BAM BAM BAM!!!].” Residents say they were the final words of the officer to Knowles as he was shot in his abdomen. We are told that officer was then quickly removed from the area.

With his face down on the ground authorities discovered dead like a dog in the dirt the unarmed Knowles.

He along with his co accused, Renardo Bastian, were both remanded to prison on allege rape, arm robbery, abduction and receiving charges just hours before their escape. But this is just one half of the story.

Police tell us the weak alibi given by the officer-in-charge at Central was that the men wanted to use the bathroom and that both were allowed out of their cell to use it at the same time. The officer reported that it was at this time when chaos erupted as some inmates were being moved about the cells and the pair made good their escape through the back door of the jailhouse.

Bahamas Press can confirm hidden camera in downtown area proves the alibi to be bogus and sources today in the High Command tell us, three officers will be charged before the courts in connection with this escape and will be immediately dismissed from the Force.

Who let the DOGS OUT? Is the question the public and senior police is asking this time. Hidden camera in the area positively ID one of the officers to be arraign today assisting the criminals. The camera also ID the girlfriend of the deceased, [Knowles], driving her way out of the city area with both suspects still shackled together.

Police are now on the hunt for the girlfriend. “This is serious BP. We now have the evidence that the prisoners had inside assistance. Officers will now be implicated for this nasty, wicked crime against the people of this country. They will feel the full brunt of the law. There is no place in the RBPF for rouge officers,” our source on the RBPF sternly announced.

Cases now before the courts involving police are indeed shocking and are mounting like pounds of DIRT. On Bimini recently, former police officer 565 Pedro Curtis was charged, arraigned, detained and given bail after he was alleged to have committed mass armed robberies in major government buildings on that island. He was caught red handed by his senior inspector as he ransacked a fellow officer home.

Just this week police arrested and charged 29 year-old Police Constable, Kenneth ‘Gibby Five-0’ Gibson, for the death of 21 year-old, George Carey, the 28th murdered victim for the year.

We Need Change!


  1. As a woman who is takes great pride in my body, I find it very disturbing to know that the people who were hire to protect us would aid persons charged with alleged sexual crimes back on the street. This is insulting to the public at large. The police can’t be allowed to get away with this. I have never been raped before and do not wish to experience it, just the thought of it I find it very traumatizing. If they find that officers played a role in those two prisoners escape, those officers needs to be jailed and they should make them serve the time that dead prisoner would have served if he was convicted of his crime. They cause that prisoner his life so unnecessarily, I can’t believe they would let him out and then turn around and kill him. If they wasn’t so slack, he could have been right there serving his time and maybe he would have been reformed. Now we would never know, because the man is dead.

  2. These police could play around nah. I don’t know what the government is going to do about these corrupt officers. Every time the public start to trust them, they go do some foolishness and destroy that trust, then they have to start all over from scratch trying to regain the people trust again. I personally don’t believe those two prisoners escaped without help. You have some officers who uses their authority to make monies. I don’t know where these beggars in police uniform come from, but you have plenty of them on the force. I believe they is use their salaries to buy liquor, women and numbers, that is why they are always hustling. Right now, somebody must be offer them some money and they gone right there and let those two prisoners out and cause that prisoner his life. Those officers and prisoners don’t seem to learn a thing from that deadly incident that occurred at Her Majesty’s Prison on that faithful morning of Tuesday, January 17, 2006. They better try learn from past experiences and stop practicing foolishness. Every time one of those prisoners try to escape somebody always end up getting hurt or kill. If I was a prisoner, I wouldn’t even try to go nowhere, they would have to beg me to come out off my cell, because our police look like they only train to aim to kill. They don’t look like they know anything about shooting you in your leg or hip area so you can’t move, they look like they rather take you out altogether. I guess they must be is be saying, at least they would not have to worry about this one escaping again aye?. Another thing, these police really need to stop their corruption and putting the public at risk. What if one of those prisoners raped someone close to them? I wonder how they would have felt knowing they were the ones to let them out.

  3. I truly beleive in Commissioner Grenslade, He does have a task ahead of him, but He seems to have God in his midst and my God, trust me, he’s gonna really need Him more than ever,’If Gods for you, who can be against you’. He would have to move by faith and not by sight in this last leg of the race. GOOD LUCK MR. GRENSLADE

  4. This is absolutely disgraceful! There are far too many criminals within the ranks of the Police Force. As in everytig else n this country the entry process was probably “dummed down” to accommodate some of these people who are making it difficult for other police officers who are committed to to their responsibliities as keepers of the peace. As long as this state of affairs continues, intillegent and qualified persons will be reluctant to join the Police Force. There needs to be some serious cleaning up and removal of those criminal elements from within the Force. Mr. Greenslade has a difficult task ahead of him and I pray that he will follow through with his promise to clean up the image of the Police Force. I wish him all the best in this regard.

  5. How would 2 chained prisoners escape through the back door of a jail without being seen or assisted?!!! These guys had help getting away and we all know it. But we have the ostrich syndrome…we will yet again bury our head in the sand while the police go through the motions and pretend to investigate. We have come to the point where it is pointless even questioning anything the police does.

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