Why is Perry Christie Attempting to Avoid the 'Mona Vie' Scandal?



Nassau, BahamasBahamaspress.com is prepared to release information coming to our attention as to why former Prime Minister and leader of the PLP appears to stay in the shadow of the ‘Mona Vie’ scandal involving junior minister Zhivargo Laing. Jubilant supporters stood in the rain last evening at PLP Gambier headquarters all to hear leader Perry Christie avoid the ‘Mona Vie’ scandal. Bahamaspress.com wishes to remind its readers that the former Prime Minister’s was indeed as minister of finance with responsibility for the customs department, and will point to an incident coming out of that department when the former prime minister lead the country.



  1. My mother always made the statement “when you dig ditch, dig two”. The PLPs thought they were crucifying Minister Laing and the FNM, but what they are calling a scandal for the FNM will in due time disclose all the dirt they, the PLP were doing during their time. John Rolle is mad because when his time was up for retirement he was not allowed to stay on for another three years. Just a case of “sour grapes” for John Rolle. Mr. Laing and thr FNM will prevail…God is still on the throne.

  2. BP, I don’t know if Mr. Christie was avoiding the Mona Vie Scandal as you suggest or simply avoiding the rain. I was out there last night and as he began to speak, the rain came down and he cut his presentation short, promising to get it out in another forum.

    While I have not seen Mr. Christie’s text, it is safe to assume that if every speaker touched on the Mona Vie Scandal, the leader of the PLP wouldn’t have been the odd man out. I do know, however, that a major part of his address would have covered the economic crisis we are now facing.

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