Why would Loretta Butler-Turner deny the fact that times are tough in Long Island?


The “heavy” Long Island MP does not know what it is to be hungry! Growing up in a warehouse could be a sin nah! – MP turns to plight of hunger and unemployment in her community and tells HOUSE BP LIE! – Well, what is this!

Loretta Butler-Turner MP for Long Island is making it worse for needed assistance to come into her community.

Roses, Long Island Loretta Butler-Turner, the “heavy” MP for Long Island, stood on her feet in the Parliament today to suggest that an “ONLINE” report that people in Long Island were dying of starvation was untrue and that the report was a lie.

We know Butler-Turner was referring to Bahamas Press report which said in its headline: “Elderly on Long Island falling ill for lack of food – Young people unemployed”

We never ever said that anyone had died of starvation, but that persons were going hungry as people are feeling the weight of the global recession.

Don't give a damn about the poor people of Centreville so what ya think about Long Island? - We wonder when an URBAN RENEWAL building GA HIT that constituency?!

Had Butler-Turner really investigated what is happening on Long Island – the community she represents – she would discover that unemployment on the island is huge.

She would know that the cost for fuel is at the highest it has ever been. She would know that fuel is so expensive that fishermen – in particular craw fishermen -are finding it more and more difficult to sell their catch at a profit because of the overwhelming cost to operate the business.

And this hardship, loss of jobs, and expensive cost to operate a business have forced many family islanders – Long Island included – into hardship.

Rather than pretending to be blind to the facts, people like Butler-Turner should know that Tuesday past many Long Islanders gathered in their community to help package food for persons less fortunate as they promoted Word Food Day this week.

If she was interested in helping the locals down there she would have join the food distribution this week and found packages to help her community. But Nooooo! She say we lie.

And therefore we ask: Is the Honourable Member for Long Island aware that there was a food drive this week Tuesday to help members of her constituency?

Did she contribute to this drive? If not, WHY NOT?

People who grew up around a storehouse of food do not know what it means to go hungry!

Butler Turner should bow her head down in shame for neglecting the poor and unemployed in her community. Rather than denying the people, Butler-Turner should have investigated the report and then encouraged the Cabinet to visit Long Island and see the situation of unemployment first hand!

She know the Christie Government has little interest for the poor – Just ask the people of Farm Road!

But ya know, what does she care? And Christie don’t give a damn if people eat! After eating night and day in her room in North Abaco, when does she have time to think about the less fortunate on Long Island?

We report yinner decide!