Wild pitbulls had to be put to sleep after leaving a 13-year-old girl in critical condition in hospital!


Bahamas Press is warning the authorities to stop allowing these dogs to be walked on public beaches where scores of guests gather in downtown area

Young 13-year-old [Inset] still in hospital following pitbull attack on Thursday. Dogs had to be euthanized.[/caption]
Nassau, Bahamas — There are many reports which really never make the news and here’s one where a young girl is now battling for life after a pitbull attack.

Police had to be called to help rescue a woman and her son after they were attacked by two ferocious pitbulls. The Balls Alley resident shared how she along with her disabled son had received injuries to both arms and legs respectively, sometime around 10pm Thursday. The grandmother had attempted to set free her 13 year-old granddaughter of Coopers Terrace, who was first under attack by the dogs and bitten about the body.

The child’s injuries are listed as critical as she is still in hospital battling for life.

Following the incident the animals had to be put to sleep via injection following assistance from the animal control division. The owner of the beasts was nowhere to be found and attempts to contact him proved effortless.

Bahamas Press had long warned authorities that there must be regulation with these ferocious animals in the care of residents. Many dog owners often walk these vicious beats on public beaches; particularly along beaches in the downtown area with them snapping at guests to the country. But no one is saying a damn word!

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  1. “The owner of the beasts was nowhere to be found and attempts to contact him proved effortless.” – This suggests that there weren’t any attempts made to find the owner. I think you’d agree that “proved fruitless” is a better word choice. Credibility requires discipline and diligence.

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