Wyndham Nassau Resort announces workforce reductions and Nicole Martin has not a damn thing to say


Decreased business volume drives difficult decision to cut number of workers

Robert Sandy Sands

Nassau, The Bahamas (February 8, 2013) – Wyndham Nassau Resort announced today a full-scale reorganization of its operations, resulting in the need for workforce reductions at its two hotels.

Various factors have impacted the resorts’ ability to operate in an efficient and profitable manner, leading to the need for substantial cutbacks. The reorganization, in addition to a more robust training and performance standards program, is designed to improve operations and overall guest satisfaction.

Wyndham Nassau Resort associates were notified today of the reorganization. All changes are effective immediately and are designed to ensure efficient management during a period of negative business conditions and economic issues. Long term, the new structure is designed to streamline operations and foster positive business growth.

Bahamas Press is calling on the influential members of the Bahamas Christian Council Pastors: Lyall Bethel, Ranford Patterson, Mario Moxey and all others to use their influence to immediately assist those 140 plus persons in Cable Beach who are today on the unemployment line!