Young child perish in massive fire in the Kemp Road this afternoon

The young 2-year-old child Jeffery King jr along with his parents was the victim of the fire today... BREAKING REPORT....

BREAKING NEWS >>>> Bahamas Press is now reporting on that Kemp – CHILD PERISH IN HOUSE FIRE.

Bahamas Press can now report and have ID the victim to be 2-year-old Jeffery King jr. – seen here in this photo with his parents.

Police confirmed the fire claimed the life of the young child on Monday afternoon.

According to reports, shortly before 1:00pm, officers from the RBPF Fire Department received a report of a house fire at Obeah Alley off St. Margaret’s Road.

On arrival at the scene, fire fighters met a wooden structure house engulfed in flames. The fire was extinguished a short while later by firefighters. The interior of the building was examined and a body was found. The body is believed to be that of a two (2) child who resides at the residence.