19-year-old Young man dies in traffic accident in JC Eleuthera ….



Shane Thompson is Eleuthera’s traffic fatality victim…

Eleuthera, Bah. – It has happened again. Yet another young man from the island of Eleuthera is dead following a traffic accident this morning around 12:30am.

While we knew of it, we wanted to allow the family to at least be informed before we went to report.

BP can now report that Shane Thompson, a young man in his late teen years and resident of James Cistern is dead after the car he drove crash and trapped him inside.

This is a double blow for his mother Ruby who lost Shane’s older brother O’Neal in another gruesome traffic accident some years back.

Eleuthera, please be careful on those long winding hills and corners.

The accident occurred as Thompson was returning home right there in the settlement. Thompson was in his small silver car when it slammed into a cemetery wall leaving the smoking engine ejected in the road and him trapped inside the mangled vehicle.

Eleuthera Fire and Rescue extricated him from the vehicle before he was pronounced deceased by the local doctor

We report yinner decide…