“Pebbles” was gunned down Fox Hill this morning…The victim was just released from prison last week


Nassau, Bahamas — Police are calling on members of the public and in particular, residents in the Fox Hill community to assist them with a murder which occurred near the Step Street section early this morning.

We are told shortly after 3am this morning reports of gunshots were received at the police radio control room, which confirm a victim was gunned down in the area.

When detectives arrived through Grant Street they found the lifeless body of a male dead in the area. Police knows the victim and is known by his street name “Pebbles”. The man was just released from prison last week.

The victim sources tell us was shot multiple times about the body. The male victim is believed to be a resident of the area.

He becomes the 231st murder victim since 2009, with some 8 additional incidents still unclassified by police.


  1. Look here ‘Peebles’ been involved in one shooting, this is the result of the victim’s family getting their own ‘justice’. Don’t know if Peebles was guilty or innocent, but expect another revenge murder in the name of Peebles, and then another and another and so on. Lock your doors at night and make sure your aim right, Nassau gone funky for real.

  2. In explaining the endemic Murder situation didn,t the PM say that ,”they are killing each other? A clear sign that vigilante justice is acceptable to him.Please you apologists refute my suggestions that the Govt is incompetent,bankrupt of ideas ,uncaring and callous in addressing the spiralling crime situation.

  3. BP. what ever happened to the Safe Bahamas organization? Plenty of money was donated over the years and, where is the result or an accounting for these donations?

    • @MJ Brown,

      The same thing that happens in most and with most organizations ran by Bahamians – they put the money in their pockets and then dare anyone to come accuse them of stealing the money! Big brazin’ no good son of a *******!

      I don’t think Kobe got more game than some of these bold skeemers here. When you talk about crime the police are just as bad as the criminals so they need to pick up themselves before they go out to get the criminals.

      I done seen police coming in certain illegal activity businesses just as bold as ever and walking out with dey lil tip envelopes. The mafia ain’t got nothing on dem man.

      The Bahamas need a whole new make over. Stop letting these jokers pull wool over our eyes.

  4. i wonder if the police knows that when they go to work these same tugs out there to harm there family i wonder if the police rather a salary raise and better insurance from this fnm or a safe and peace full place for them and there family. i say to the police force don’t sell ya soul for a few piece of papa gold.

  5. the fnm change around the police force only to get worst result. now the police them tinking like ing-rum there is no one there to tell papa take his head out his ass. this man on tv talking about road and pipes not one word on how he intent to combat crime we have no job. no light. and soon no life.. under this fnm government.

  6. Oh look what we have here, it‘s another shooting. I wouldn’t be too concerned about it though, it’s probably another one of those revenge killings. So, everybody just go back to doing whatever it is that you were doing before you heard the news. Wow! Is this what our country have now become? What a sad state of affairs, because all that is saying to us is, “that this vicious cycle of killings are never going to end.” Why can our lawmakers, see allowing criminals to kill up one another is not the solution? They should be hanging these murderous bastards, so people don’t feel like they have to take matters into their own hands. This apathetic approach and attitude our lawmakers are exhibiting does nothing to decrease the amount of murders that are occurring in this country. This is hard to accept, because I love this country so much, but it seems more and more to me as if the Bahamas have now been converted into a breeding ground for murderers.

      • A person is presumly innocent until proven GUILTY.You can not take matters into your own hands,allowed the court system to bring the accused person guilty,because on numerous occassion a person can be fasely accuse,and he is out on bail and some family member of the victim shoot the person dead,it is not vigilante justice,it is a innocent person got kill.The Bahamas do not need to entertain a killing spirit in our beloved country.All we need is God love,if we continue the madness,we all will regret it one Day,Jah love brothers and sisters.

    • I agree Kim. Also, didnt our beloved Minister of Security JUSTIFY our murder rate some while back saying that he knows who or where the criminals are and that the majority of murders occuring are criminals themselves being killed and killing each other. I guess he wants Bahamians to feel murder is okay when it’s in that circumstance?

  7. Y say 8 unclasified u might as well do that from 2oo9 too this like the 3rd of 4th time I’m writing this I still don’t no the count for this year I’m sure its not to hard to mention the years count alond with bp count

    • While you pray I ga be loading up my stainless steel bullets. Cause someone gata be praying and someone gata be holding on to the horns of the trigger. DAS ME! Nassau gone funky!


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