Watch the Royal Wedding LIVE on BP…LIVE FROM LONDON!


The Duke and Dutches of Cambridge

Watch the Royal Wedding LIVE on BP…LIVE FROM LONDON!
Celebrate with the whole world. Live on at 10am London time. 2am (PST), 5am (EDT), 10am (BST London), 11am (CEST), 2:30 (IST)…


  1. BP I keep trying to this comment, I don’t know if it will show up again, but here I go anyway.

    The Royals really know how to pull those extravagant weddings off. It was almost like watching a fairytale story from beginning to end; it was so beautiful. I wish them every success and I really hope their love for each other is so strong and that it will be able to overcome any obstacles their marriage may encounter. Anyway, I enjoyed all the excitement while it lasted. The only thing, I were somewhat concerned about Papa’s attire and the impression he would make at the wedding, because you know people were traveling from all over the globe and it was imperative that persons representing us makes a good impression on them. Now, I wasn’t checking for Delores, Arthur Foulkes and his wife, they seems to know how to conduct themselves in public and I knew they would look good, because most Bahamians in general know how to dress, that‘s just one of the gift God has blessed us with. It just that Papa seems as if he is be a little mixed-up from time to times, then he don’t check too tough, so I didn‘t know what to expect from him. I was on pins and needles the whole time. Don’t let Papa miss and be sipping on too much of those cocktails drinks and having a good time, that there would be a whole other story. Anyway, at least it over now and it want sound like everything went all right, because I haven’t heard anything to the contrary. So until then, I guess Papa must have behaved himself and we can all breathe a sign of relief now. Boy, was that was close one!!

  2. BP are you attending today’s Bahamas Tourism’s Royal High Noon Tea Party? Lots of free union jack flags, tea towels and cookies.
    Instead of us celebrating Prince William and the Bahamas next Queen Kate, how about if the two just go out and get real jobs like the rest of their loyalist Bahamian subjects. I think Papa’s dear friend Lynn Holowesko should be our Queen of the Bahamas and not Kate?

  3. Just minutes ago the Queen has titled Prince William and Kate The Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge…

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