East Street corridor cannot finish…No workman in view

East Street all dug-up and not one workman in view.

Nassau, Bahamas — Here is a classic photo showing the disaster when comes to the management of the New Providence Road Project. This is East Street near Lil’ Generals Foodstore in the south. The roadways are dug-up on both sides of the corridor. Cars are crawling at a snail’s pace as only one lane can be used. The same is happening on Robinson Road, Prince Charles and another incomplete section is near BEC on Blue Hill Road.

If the DAMN WUTLESS MEDIA in this country did its job, they would report such. They would report how not one Bus Terminal is assigned to the entire Blue Hill Road North section near BEC and NIB. They would note how day after day NOT one workmen could be seen there. But the media cannot and would not and ya know why? BECAUSE THEY ARE WUTLESS!

In this photo above we see the construction on East Street and we could tell you as we rode that section yesterday NOT ONE WORKMAN could be found. All along that section up to Super Value,  NOT ONE DAMN workman; and this is big-time 11AM!

How much longer can Bahamians suffer with all these projects occurring all at once? With taxpayers dollars being PAID and yet, the work progresses at a snails pace; creating massive traffic jams and road rage!

We believe the project is being poorly managed, and we are being extremely kind with our language.


  1. @ Jodi

    Okay, let’s indulge her for a minute and do like the chorus line of an old songs which says “don’t worry, be happppppppy!!” Or better still, join this Alice in Wonderland type and allow our imagination to create “make-believe” events right through the 2012 election period.

    Jodi, when you WAKE UP and rejoin us in the real world Bahamas, complete with all the man made hardship brought about by nepotism, incompetence, corruption, mismanagement and ineptitude in matters of judgment, please lets us know. Until then sweet dreams.

  2. @ Media

    This is by “design” just like the fact that a bus stop is in front of the newly constructed shopping centre allegedly owned by one senior FNM parliamentarian on East Street South, but none exist along the entire length of the Blue Hill Road stretch, even though that is equally newly constructed. Do you honestly think that the enigneers concerned had a blank moment during the planning stages? Or is it more likely that the movement of commercial business within the “over the hill communities” has found local acceptance amongst the “shopping public” to the dismay of those of the traditional merchant class who once had a “lock” over such business activities as premises owners (who by way of floor space size or high space rental fees effectively limited the quantity of merchandise or profit margins “black merchants” could extract through their business engagements). Now that “blacks” are transforming the “old homesteads” into commercial districts the strangle-hold is breaking and the field is being leveled. This no bus stop move is designed to bring business traffic to that man’s plaza (and therefore merchants, blacks included, will follow just like the predators follow the grazing herd on the plains in Africa). And we will back where they want us to be again (tenants and shoppers). It’s all about control, economic control.

    • This is not a question for us to answer. WE HAVE OUR ANSWER! Ingraham and his BOSS HOG BRENT SYMONETTE needs to answer. NOT US!


  3. Perhaps my friends, you’re not paying attention; these road works are to make the Oligarchy and their chief Prince money. In a time of recession, was it truly necessary to spend almost 300 million on a trivial pointless project that could have waited another two years or so. Also, why is it necessary to tear up every major road way but complete none of them? In addition, where on this planet is every major road way of a city compromised? Answer, no where. Clearly some one in power, perhaps the Kage who sits behind the throne, wants enough things torn up, in case government changes, so they’ll be able to continually make their illegal (illegal in the sense that according to the constitution, no member associated with government could benefit from projects instituted by said government) gains at our expense.

  4. This is so disturbing! To top it off Minister Neymour says that we must try to conserve when driving by not using the breaks so offen, carpooling and keeping our tires properly inflated. With all the road works going on, can you even drive 1 yard without appling your breaks? Could you drive a few days without something puncturing your tires or escaping the roof unevenness/holes in the road. Neymour just sickens me everytime he opens his mount!

    • Neymour is simply trying to ensure he gets a nomination…South Beach says they dont want him. The FNM croonies in South Beach, begged HAI not to send him back. The people in South Beach say he embarrassed them. The man’s ego is so big…you cant carry it in a 40 foot container. Change is coming to the Bahamas…it has to come!!!!


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