Bimini Airport Terminal is another accident just waiting to happen

Bimini Airport Terminal in shambles.

South Bimini, Bahamas Bahamas Press looked with disgust Monday as we heard how Dion ‘Poker’ Foulkes toured a home in Bimini that had burnt down over the weekend.

The headlines following read: Government Quick response to fire victims. Well BP wonders if the government is prepared to offer the same attention to its shanty looking airport facility on South Bimini. You should know how potholes sit on the runway and sub-standards are accepted at the airport facility.

The terminal, which is the same airport the Minister arrived at, has no functional air condition system; not since 2009 and the FNM government has done nothing to fix it!

While Biminites and visitors alike continue to suffer in the sweltering heat at the island’s facility, the government continues to shut its eyes in neglect!

This is also the same airport where ‘Boss HOG’ Brent Symonette traveled through when he attended a function at Bimini Bay just over a month ago.

Bahamas Press wonders if the government remembered its sacred promise to fix-up the terminal for Biminites during the Miss Universe Pageant event [THAT SAME 6 BILLION VIEWERS EVENT]!  If the money was assigned, where did it go?

Boss HOG Brent Symonette, isn't thinking about paving the tarmac at the South Bimini Airport?

Bimini officials we know sent a list of things needed to be done at the terminal and to this day – TWO SOLID YEARS LATER – nothing, absolutely nothing has since been achieved!

The doors at the terminal are broken, the bathrooms semi-functional and tight, and the grass is high as the building’s roof. Windows on the facility are also broken and therefore staff at the airport cannot open the windows for cool air. The PLACE IS IN SHAMBLES!

Workers at the airport are ready to walk-off the job, and still the UNCARING FNM Government has said not a DAMN word.

Both Obie Wilchcombe and Fred Mitchell have made these problems known in the House of Assembly but still nothing has been done by the Government. Why is the FNM treating Biminites so? Isn’t Abaco getting a SPANKING NEW AIRPORT TERMINAL?

“This is another disaster just waiting to happen, and the FNM Government is paralyzed to do a DAMN THING to help the situation…WE NEED CHANGE!” one Bimini resident said.


  1. Yes something needs to be done I went there with a friend a few months ago and I was ashamed the island makes to much money for that. Bimini keeps up the Bahamas. We need a new airport. And we need it now…….:……

  2. This is the funniest replies ive ever scene, who can blame bimini people if pMH killin people everyday, and food prices sky high, come on nah be real,,,

  3. I note that they can spend $250,000.00 on bathroom facilities but wont repair an Airport where Bahamians and visitors trave everyday, the gateway and economic life line. Priorites mixed right up.

  4. @Smitty, I never said that the Biminites do not pay taxes, i simply said that they think that they are better than the rest of the Bahamas. I reiterate the fact that they dont patronage their own bahamian owned businesses. Me wanting to make a good impression on our GUESTS has nothing to do with the subject at hand. that is my opinion and i am sticking to it. I certainly dont need you to explain nothing to me. i also reiterate the fact that i have strong ties with BIMINITES, DO YOU? if not then let’s move on to something that is more important, because Bimini sure is not on my list of importance right now

  5. BP. This story is spot on. Would you believe that hundereds of vistors travel back and forth through this airport daily.
    I beg the Government PLease Please Please if nothing else send Bimini an A/C unit. On days when it rains bugs eat you alive.

  6. The governments need to do the wise thing and lease or privatize these airports out with agreements to upgrade because these out island airports all need upgrades. The leasers/owners would be responsible for the maintenance of the airports and they can make their moneys from parking fees, landing fees and rental space. Its truly need because our governments expect their properties to maintain themselves.

  7. BP, while we know it is the job of the Government to fix these problems on the family Islands, i strongly have to disagree with you on this one. First and foremost Biminites do not consider themselves as part of the Bahamas. they rarely (if at all) would travel to Nassau or any other Islands in the Bahamas for no reason at all. Having very close ties with Biminites, they are not supportive of anything Bahamian. Walk in one of the wholesale places in florida and you will think that you are in Bimini (Jethro) just to name a few. they wont spend a dollar of their money for anything that is Bahamian. Their children are too good to attend a school in the Bahamas, the hospitals are not good enough for them to go to, even to have a baby. They have more american babies in bimini than what Jackson Memorial has. These people are in to themselves and that is the long and short of it. Again i know it is the job of our Government, but give them a break on this one. IT IS A DAMN SHAME THAT BIMINI FOLKS THINK THEY ARE BETTER THAN OTHERS.

    • @ Candid speaking

      Those Biminites pay taxes and you can’t blame them if they seek better health care in Florida. I think Florida is where we end up when they can’t handle our medical issues in the Bahamas. When they shop in Florida they came home and pay their taxes like everyone else. Remember Bimini is the gate way to the Bahamas, don’t you want to make a good impression on our guess foreign and domestic. Am quite sure if you privatize the facility there are Biminites who can improve on what’s there now.

  8. BP. This terminjal building is in the same state as those in many of the Family Islands. San Salvador Aiport is a disgrace; one small toilet for hundres of passengers. I am surprised that international especially US flights still use these airports. there is little to no security and no fire protection in the event of an aircraft accident.Both administrations are to blame for this mess as, they have each ignored it.

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