Grand Master Ordered to Face The Supreme Court Today


Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Hon Brent Symonette, receives an award from the Most Worshipful Grand Master Carl Culmer, at the opening ceremony of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge and Chapter 59th and 45th Annual Grand Session held June 29, at SuperClubs Breezes, Cable Beach.

Nassau, Bahamas — Lodge brothers and sisters are going through an unusual ritual tonight as the Grand Master, Carl Culmer, is set to appear before a senior Justice today.

Now unlike other court cases where Culmer failed to appear; acting as if he is above the law, this time he will be arrested if he fails to show up at the court proceedings.

The man placing the action before the Supreme Court against the GM will not give up. Gino Nairn has requested by an order of the court to have the GM present.

“Gino don’t play he has a one track mind and that isn’t going to change no time soon. This time the GM mess with the wrong man and for that he ga pay,” a lodge brother around the table told BP.

Nairn we understand stood up against the GM after his reckless suspension and expulsion exercises against men and women in the Prince Hall Lodge.

The case now before the Supreme Court is a first of its kind in Lodge history in the Bahamas.

Culmer, we are told, have suspended brothers and sisters for having extra marital affairs; including some for “SISSYING”! Some say it is not the business of the GM to be in the bedroom of lodge members, particularly when a known SISSY with an international record of having organized PONZI schemes more sophisticated than Bernie Madoff, knew who was being axed each week by the GM.

What was also amazing was that the GM did not suspend the accused murderer of Nellie Brown –Cox, Prince Hepburn, who had an affair with the Nellie. She was also a sister of the same lodge. WHAT A COUNTRY!

Nairn is reported to have had enough of the GM’s bias standards and today seeks the court ruling to overturn Culmer’s decisions.

From the looks of things not only would Culmer now be shamed as a culprit before the court tomorrow, but we know he is also under active investigation at BTC. Sources tell us the new management at LIME Bahamas has taken information gathered against Culmer to be “serious”.

We are told a notice has already been given to the BTC employee, who is set to be the second senior man to be axed by the new operators when investigations are concluded.

From the way things look, bad luck is beginning to follow Culmer all the way down Bank Lane. We are told the Senior Justice refuses to remove himself from the case. He as you know have been accused of similar rendezvous Culmer has accused his lodge brothers and sisters of. We ‘ga’ now see who is “Chief” today!


  1. what it is with you an the lodge BP? I am a lodge man myself though not in Prince Hall. Natural Mystic you is a clown….the society secret because of clowns like you, I know who you are you reject! Be a man and if you don’t know how to be one ask one! Joker! The Lodge does not promote wrong doing as so many of yal on the outside looking in think! I an an up right standing citizen of this like wise many other lodge members.

  2. Once again the Prince Hallers have made media. I hope BP is out there tomorrow to take the GM’s picture as he enters the Hall of SHAME … I mean the halls of our Supreme Court.

    Come on BP … step up ya game.I want to see PICTURES. I want it out there that these so called secret society people are actually in court due to one man’s ignorance …

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