Wilchcombe Responds to the FNM


Obie Wilchcombe

APRIL 27th 2011

The FNM’s bold claim that it took me two days TO RESPOND TO THE FIRE VICTIMS OF Bimini is a total and absolute lie.

Without provocation the FNM is stooping to low and disgraceful levels unfitting of the government of a sovereign and progressive nation. In the face of tragedy true leaders unite a people.

What the FNM continues to do is cause the further deterioration to an already fractured country.

Unlike the FNM and its Minister what I do for the people of BIMINI or the PEOPLE of The Bahamas is not for public relations.  Mine are sincere and genuine humanitarian acts. I have been through many tragedies with the people of West End and BIMINI be they Hurricanes, plane crashes or fires, each response is handled with several objectives.  Safety is first, followed by psychological support and meeting the immediate needs of the people.

For the record, within hours of last Wednesday’s fire I was in phone contact with relatives of the victims and then with several of the victims themselves. Two mothers and their five children and two adult siblings were the direct victims of the fire.  There was great concern for the needs of the children involved.  They had lost all their clothing and footwear in the fire. Thankfully in the immediate aftermath of the fire, Family members provided shelter.

I told the mothers of the children that I would secure clothing and footwear and get them to BIMINI immediately.

Early Thursday morning I went to Sandy’s Department Store and John’s Department Store purchasing clothing, undergarments and footwear for all six children who had lost everything in the fire. Some clothing and footwear items were also secured for the women.  At 2:30pm Thursday afternoon I rushed one large duffel bag and a box to the Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) to be sent to the victims via Western Air.

I was assisted by the staff of Western Air, and by Adena Demeritte who took responsibility for the items. Persons standing on the long lines traveling to BIMINI allowed me to move ahead of them to get the packages on board the flight.  Once the packages arrived in BIMINI Thursday afternoon the items were sorted by Marsha Levarity and distributed.  While at LPIA on Thursday I was interviewed by ZNS.  In that interview I explained what I was doing at the airport what was being done in response to the tragedy.

I flew to BIMINI Friday morning and saw all the fire victims with
exception of Jay Saunders who I later spoke with.  Today, we are
working on a program to provide further relief to the victims.

That is where our focus should be helping the people and getting them through these rough times.  The focus should not be on a juvenile Public Relations stunt.   We should shut our mouths and do more to help the people. Stop bragging about every little thing you might do as a testimony of your leadership.  The works of great leaders are often felt by the people.  The loudest noises usually come from the emptiest barrels.

I reiterate that the statement from the FNM is a total and absolute
lie. Within hours of the fire my relief program was in play.  I do not
believe it is sincere or a Christian thing to broadcast what you do to help others.  What I did came from my heart and from me.  What the FNM Minister did came from the state. His duty is to bring relief to the people. That is what he is getting paid to do!  If I were the Minister I would have invited the MP to meet with me to
coordinate a collective response.  That is what true leaders do in times of tragedy.



  1. The people affected know the truth and Wilchombes explaination rings truthfully.Unfortunately the FNM are using dirty politics I have a problem with this as everyone is ready to show the FNM Govt the door for vindictiveness,spitefulness and oppression.For all Bahamians sake please ring the bell.

  2. @ Rico Suave I think you miss da point. Wilchcombe ain’t bragging, he defending himself from da bragging Dion Foulkes. We ain’t hear foulkes talk bout da social workers yet, he too busy polishing up the public relations. Foulkes, you care so much what bout dem workers who you got understaffed, overworked, stress right out, one even get assault da other day. Where you is man? where da camera is?

    • Six of one, half a dozen of the next, Rebecca. You can’t complain about someone doing something when you’re doing it yourself. Not even if you call it by another name like defending yourself. Mr. Wilchcombe in his press release, is talking about “I did this and I did that and I did the next thing.” I’m calling it just what it is…HYPROCRISY!!!

  3. Thats so wonderful Obie. Those FNM’s need to shut they old dutty trap and learn from you. Shame is what has them. First they come through the airport what they need to fix to show face like they care but what did they take to Bimini for those fire victims, nothing but lies and deceit like they care. Obie you are a gem to take your own and make sure those victims at least get a start on clothing. They know they have hope in you. Thats so tru, you never broadcast what u do for ppl, if u have to make it knoown that didnt come from the heart. That just means they are looking for recognition and accolades. I cry shame on that filty government to try and bring degrace and shame to a wonderful caring man. SHAME ON YOU BASTRARDS. Yal can learn from this man.(bunch of empty airheads…..smt)

    • So its ok for Mr. Wilchcombe to brag about how “I did this and I did that and I did the next”? And when someone else does it its a juvenile Public Relations stunt”. “How hypocritical can one person be? Only brainless people can’t see that.

  4. Way to go Obie!!! you have a heart of gold and continue to make us proud of you, the time the FNM take to worry about what you did or didn’t do they need to spend time putting together some good ideas to help these people who can’t see the city for the smoke in Grand Bahama that the 5 FNM MP’s here neglected. I also believe if you help someone the world don’t need to know that and if it’s not from the heart you should not do it. May God continue blessing you Obie keep your eyes on the prize and don’t let those Jackasses distract you with any of their foolishness.

  5. The FNM statement sound like it come from Dion Foulkes.
    He look like he forget all that smudginess that was going on in the Ministry of Education when he was Minister. Mr.”I think I slick but I really slimy” Foulkes remember all them contracts you give out just before 2002 election? Don’t let me have to remind you! Every time I see you i the Senate showing how smart you are I wonder if you remember all them contract you was giving out under the radar.

  6. “If I were the Minister I would have invited the MP to meet with me to coordinate a collective response.” I agree totally with statement. Ask Ken Russell he should know about this… when the Hurricanes hit the island of G.B. in 2004 and 2005. Mr. Perry Christie being the leader that he is invited the MP for East End during his tour. The FNM should take a page out of Mr. Christie’s book on this one, rather than looking for Political gain in the midst of a tragedy.

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