Politics makes strange bedfellows! Branville who ousted Minnis with Loretta is now back in bed with his FNM!


This same Branville who warned the PLP that the FNM was no different from the PLP…

PM Hubert Minnis at the FNM’s Party’s Christmas Party on Friday along with former DNA Leader Branville McCartney, Dr. Donaldson, and Algernon S. P. B. Allen.

NASSAU| Now some people, as we always repeat on BP, have a very short memory. To put it simply, people do forget! But that is why we exist so we can remind you who Hubert Minnis and Branville McCartney are!

First of all, for those of you who don’t know, Minnis and Branville are relatives. And they both served together in the defunct Ingraham Cabinet which was rejected by the Bahamian people.

Branville, who decided to start up his UNDEMOCRATIC movement called the DNA, became the laughingstock of the Bahamas. He, you would recall, became the leader of the DNA without a Convention and led the party to election defeats before jumping ship and resigning.

Some forget how Branville McCartney teamed up with Loretta Butler-Turner in the coup to replace Minnis, just months before the 2017 General Elections. They had no mandate to lead the FNM – but they did remove Minnis as Leader of the Opposition. Branville and Loretta held a joint Press Conference, telling Minnis to carry his you-know-what away from the FNM.

But even before the elections of 2017, it was this same Branville who warned that the FNM was no different from the PLP. He told voters that they were two sides of the same coin and vowed that he was finished with the FNM and would never return!

So what is it that could cause Branville McCartney to cozy up underneath Prime Minister Hubert Minnis at the FNM’s Annual Christmas Party held Friday evening at the National Headquarters on Mackey Street?

What could it be that has forced Branville to have such a drastic change of heart to abandon his principals and morals about the landscape of politics in the Bahamas and return to the Free National Movement – although not officially announced as yet?

Could it be the lucrative legal work awarded to his Halsbury Chambers firm by the Minnis Government at corporations like Water and Sewerage? Could it be that Minnis was so deeply interested in feeding his cousin [BRANVILLE] as he has his other relatives like “Boxer” Minnis, Algernon Cargill and Dr. Donavon Moxey, just to name a few?

Or perhaps Branville’s desire to reconnect with the FNM came after a bite from the apple where he foresees that the time is right to walk into the FNM party which now stands in ruins in the eyes of the Bahamian people. After all, when PM Minnis is defeated by the BRAVE, strong, sound leadership of Philip Davis and Chester Cooper just months from now, the sinking FNM will indeed need a successor to the throne.

Branville’s ego, which is much bigger than his ability, is so huge that even Hubert Minnis forgot who Branville really is. Here is what Branville had to say about Hubert Minnis on Wednesday December 14th, 2016 – three years ago today: “The proper thing to do for Dr Minnis is to resign. He has taken that party and it’s a shadow of what it was. I used to be in the FNM, I used to be there, I know what the FNM used to be.”

Now, that was when Branville was announced by Loretta Butler-Turner as the Leader of Minority Business in the Senate as they together disgraced Minnis in the eyes of the public and made him a jokey political spectacle.

But Minnis has no shame these days – and Branville is just as shameless. Look at them this past Friday. Wallowing in their vomit to deceive the Bahamian people. WE WILL NOT BE DECEIVED!

Some Bahamians do forget – we are here to remind them.

We report yinner decide!

Branville McCartney all cozy and tight with FNM Chairman Carl Culmer Friday evening.