Lanisha Rolle to be removed from Youth, Sports, and Culture as Cabinet is set to change once again…


Mark Humes set to be appointed a Cabinet Minister and replace troubled Lanisha at Youth, Sports, and Culture

Prime Minister Hubert Minnis flanked by Cabinet Ministers as he walked across Rawson Square to Parliament last week.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is reporting Prime Minister The Most Hon. [EVER] is set to play musical chairs come January 2020.

BP’s team inside the Office of the PM has confirmed the PM is expected to make a slight Cabinet adjustment.

One shuffle we can now confirm will be Lanisha ‘WE WILL NOT STAND’ Rolle, who has been a thorn in the backside of Bahamians, making them stand and sit when she enters a room. Rolle will be moved from her current post at the Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Culture and reassigned as the Minister of State for Legal Affairs to sit inside the Attorney General’s Office.

Replacing Rolle, the PM will welcome to the Cabinet the MP for Fort Charlotte Mark Humes who will assume the post of Minister for Youth, Sports, and Culture.

Now we understand there will be some more changes, however, we will hold off until we know the documents arrive for the official appointment.

The removal of Rolle comes just weeks following a massive Junkanoo protest on Bay Street calling for her removal from the Ministry.

PM Minnis’ government, confirmed by the results of a poll, has lost support inside the public service where claims of Ministerial abuses have brought morale inside the service to an all-time low. Thus the announcement of the BPSU members’ $1,400 lump sum in the next payday [THIS COMING WEEK] and consideration for a minimum wage increase. Minnis believes this will pacify the growing anger against his administration.

We believe, though, Bahamians are angrier over the lies presented by the Minnis Government than anything else.

We report yinner decide!