Barefoot Bandit Captured in North Eleuthera


<<< Colton Harris-Moore arrives barefoot, handcuffed and shackled as he is escorted by police upon arrival to Nassau, Bahamas, Sunday July 11, 2010.  Harris-Moore was arrested before dawn in northern Eleuthera island, according to police. Island police had been searching for the fugitive since he allegedly crash-landed a stolen plane a week ago on nearby Great Abaco Island, where he was blamed for a string of at least seven break-ins and has been running from U.S. law enforcement since escaping from a Washington state halfway house in 2008. AP Photo

Harbour Island, Bahamas — After reporting whether the Barefoot Bandit was indeed ever in the Bahamas in their usual spin of deflection and lies, The Tribune representatives were shamefully at the airport to see Police officials in Nassau capture the 19-year-old who went on a worldwide stealing spree across the US and into the Bahamas.

Colton Harris-Moore was captured in North Eleuthera this afternoon after police and FBI officials tracked him down on the island as he continued his rampage of housebreaking.

The U.S. teenager, who has evaded arrest for two years after escaping a juvenile halfway house in Renton, Washington, was given the nickname because he wore no shoes when he allegedly broke into houses.

Harris, who is accused of stealing cars, boats and airplanes to dodge law enforcement, was nabbed Sunday morning, as he attempted to dock a boat at Harbour Island. Island police had been searching for the teenager for a week, after he crash-landed a stolen plane on Great Abaco Island, where he is blamed for a string of break-ins.

The teen fugitive reached folk hero status among thousands of fans that admired his ability to evade arrest. Once again the TRIBUNE attempted to LIE to the public, while we knew better.

Hats off to the men and women in uniform of the RBPF who has captured the young terrorist.


    DATE: Sunday 11th July, 2010

    On Sunday 4th July, 2010 the Royal Bahamas Police Force received information from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Country Attaché at the US Embassy Nassau, that a fugitive wanted by United States Law Enforcement had reportedly stolen an aircraft and was believed to be headed to the Bahamas. Acting on information, Bahamian Police Officers on the Island of Abaco commenced an intensive search of the island with a view to locating the missing aircraft and suspect.

    Officers subsequently received additional resources from the capitol city of Nassau Bahamas, including man power along with the police Canine Unit and other assets. Officers were able to locate the downed aircraft fitting the description in swamp land in the Sandy Point Abaco area.

    The search, which lasted for all but seven days, came to a successful conclusion on Sunday 11th July, 2010 at Harbour Island Bahamas. Sometime after 2:00am on the mentioned date, acting on information received from members of the public, the police responded to a sighting of the suspect on Harbour Island. The suspect in an effort to evade capture engaged local police in a high speed chase by boat in waters leading to Whale Point, in the Eleutheras. After a brief chase, the suspect was taken into custody without incident. Police Officers were able to confiscate a firearm and other items of evidential value.

    I am pleased to say that the suspect, who has been positively identified as Colton Harris Moore, aka ‘The Bare Foot Bandit’ was flown to the capitol city of Nassau Bahamas under police escort and remains in Police custody. It is expected that he will appear in court on arraignment later this week, to answer to a number of criminal charges. I also wish to advise that the suspect was seen by a local doctor, shortly after his arrest, and appeared to be in good health.

    As this matter and others connected thereto, are under active investigation, we are unable to say much more at this time. Notwithstanding, I wish to thank the dedicated, professional, hardworking men and women of the Royal Bahamas Police Force in general and in particular, those officers on the islands of Abaco, Eleuthera, Harbour Island and New Providence for their outstanding efforts in capturing this elusive suspect, who has been on the run for well over two (2) years.

    Our officers, are afforded the best training opportunities, which, coupled with their commitment to their oath of office and a fierce loyalty to the people of the Bahamas, allow them to compare extremely well with law enforcement personnel anywhere in the world.

    Similarly, I wish to thank the Bahamian Government for reposing confidence in the Royal Bahamas Police Force in the execution of our duties. We also commend our American partners and the American Embassy here in New Providence for the timely sharing of information in matters of mutual interest.

    Finally, to the Bahamian people and residents of the Bahamas who are the eyes and ears of the Police, we thank you for your collective will in protecting your communities and the borders of the Bahamas, thereby, ‘Making the Bahamas a safer place to live , work, visit and play’.

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