22 Year-Old Zyndall McKinney Charged with American Woman's Death


zyndall-mckinney<<< Accused 22 year old Zyndall Mckinney arraigned before a magistrate court today in Nassau.

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Bahamas Press has just learned that police formally brought before the courts, 22 year-old ZYNDALL McKinney. He is the suspect being charged in connection of the murder of 33 year-old Anna Michelle Garrison. Mckinney was not required to enter a plea and was remanded to Fox Hill Prison while a preliminary inquiry will be underway.

Garrison, a West Palm Beach resident, went missing in mckinney-2The Bahamas in February of this year. She was reported missing by the United States Embassy. Her badly decomposed body was discovered on Saturday around 6PM, just three miles near the home of former TV star the late Anna Nicole in the Fox Hill area. She was rapped in a plastic and covered in a bed sheet.

Police at a press conference on yesterday said they are seeking the assistance of the FBI and the US EMBASSY in solving this latest murder.


  1. dis was my co worker dude looked so innocent ike he couldnt hurt a fly i still dont think he would do dis havnt seen this girls is so long

  2. Through International associates in WEST PALM BEACH, Bahamas Press has now attained photographs of Anna Garrison and her daughter. We shall post to our readers at 10PM tonight.

    Stay Tuned.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  3. I have to say that I am glad that someone has been charged with this woman’s death. What I really want to know is where is this tenacity when it comes to the other crimes. We have daily issues with crimes against property and persons. Of course, I understand why so much precedence was given to this case. Heaven knows we don’t need any more negative publicity. But at the same time, it bothers the hell out of me this poor black Bahamian mentality and treatment that we give to our own. There are many families out there that still mourn for their children, parents, or family members. Why aren’t they being given the same attention. It’s sad to live in a country where the majority are almost always treated like second class citizens.

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