Anna Garrison was a victim of abuse by her husband Willie Garrison


anna-garrison<<< Anna Michelle Garrison, the American woman found dead on Fox Hill Road. An EXCLUSIVE photo of the victim.

Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press believes there is more, much more to the death of Anna Michelle Garrison than police are telling us. Our loyal readers know it, Bahamas Press always has more; much more to a story than members of the WUTLESS Bahamian media would tell us.

We must say firstly, Garrison was living in and out of The Bahamas for some four years now. Why this is, is still unknown. But we now know that Garrison was married to Willie Garrison an abusive spouse. Willie we understand has a brother who lives right here in Nassau and it is possible his residence is the place where Anna stayed.

Up to the end of last year we’ve learned, Anna was still a resident in the West Palm Beach community. And it was there where she lived with Willie on Diekhans Road in an apartment. We’ve learned that it was just over 4 months ago, following the US Embassy inquiry, Bahamian police were notified of her disappearance.

Anna went missing in The Bahamas. The FBI in the US 2 months ago went to her apartment in West Palm Beach in search for her. She was not there. We know from Bahamian police here in Nassau, she was last seen in Nassau in January and reported missing on February 25th. The million dollar question is, WHERE Willie Garrison? And is Willie a Bahamian or an American? And for our own concerns we want to know where is Willie’s brother in all this if Anna lived with him. BP wants to know, was Willie Garrison’s brother a member of the Bahamian arm forces? Our inquiring and extremely inquisitive minds want to know!

willie-garrisonThe couple we now know was married in 2001. And just months after the wedding, according to West Palm Beach ABC network channel 25, Willie had reportedly beaten Anna in the face and threaten to “push the driver’s door against her body so it would squeeze her between the car and the door.” Willie was charge for the battery.

Police in Nassau tell us they are looking for a suspect they believe has fled the country. Could this suspect be Willie Garrison (INSET), or could it be Garrison’s brother. And if so, where is either men at this time? Police are tight-lipped on all these details.

<<< Here’s the man we at Bahamas Press believe is at the center of the police in The Bahamas and FBI investigations. This is a mugshot of Willie Garrison, Anna Garrison’s husband. No one has seen him. Police in the Bahamas and the FBI in the US don’t know where he is. Willie was arrested and charge for beating Anna back in 2002.


  1. @trish
    Well Trish we believe it is so unfair to come on here and attack our article, when you know you nor the police nor any family member, nor the media has given us any scoop. But we know what has happen here. The track back to Anna’s death is heating up and we think now we know who is the GUILTY SUSPECT!

    This is so serious, we just might break this before Sunday!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  2. I am also a family mamber like trish and I can also back up that this story is all wrong. Instead of acting like a grocery store tabloid learn the facts.

  3. I did not supply one to them because i was not asked “media” and i know she was not living with willie’s brother. I did however talk to us reporters and supplied them with info and photos.

  4. @Dibbles
    BOYYYYY Dipples? You think you itching to hear what in this Sunday release, we breaking a sweat! When you hear what we’ve just heard, you would begin to wonder, WHAT IN THE HELL GOING ON IN THIS TOWN?

    See this is the job of media, and if media was doing their job, they wouldn’t wait for Raymond Gibson to tell them who is the suspect they believed has fled the country, they would be telling Gibson. But ya see they all up in Andros, Cat Island and Bimini drinking themselves drunk. TALKING SUGAR all over the place, and when its time to do REAL NEWS REPORTING, they tell you about Miss Bahamas, where to buy food and what the Minister said last week!

    Watch how much of them will be THIEF from this website in tomorrow’s paper. WATCH!

    They couldn’t get a picture of this girl, so they coming right here to thief it, but we have a photo of Anna and her daughter, let’s see if they have that.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

    PS: Has anyone heard or seen the Chief Forensic Officer on this case yet?

  5. @trish
    If Willie was not then who? See some people can come and refute the information all they want, but coming this Sunday the story will get deeper. Bahamas press has in its possession photos of Anna and her daughter. And we will tell another side of this story police are not talking, but people who know her is.

    See simply ask questions. That photo is Willie Garrison. he was arrested in the US in 2002 for Battery of Anna. Willie does have a brother who lives in the Bahamas. But we never said she was living with him. But today, we discovered just where she was living.

    If you knew so much about Anna “TRISH” why could you not supply the media or the police with a photo of her? Why BP had to do it?

    Stay tuned this Sunday, and you would see how WUTLESS the police and the media in this town really is.

    This Sunday at 3PM.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  6. i have been in contact with reporters, but this i can say she was no victim of abuse from mr. garrison. she had been away from that man for years. the rest i am not allowed to say just yet…

  7. oh my lord, sometimes i wonder where the hell ya’ll readers does be sometime. doesn’t anyone know how to use the google function anymore? the man said that he got the info from abc news in florida. they have a website ya know? just google it for god sakes. this been all over the internet from yesterday.

    and @BP. – you gat ta stop bragging so much. the same place you get this quoted a bahamian newspaper. all a we is one. you really does carry on 2 reckless sometimes.

  8. Trish :I am telling you “media” this story is WRONG! I am a family member of hers and i know without a doubt this story is ALL WRONG! And it makes me sick to know that you report stuff about her that is not true. Get the facts or dont report at all. I am so disgusted!

    It’s so easy to critize without giving the facts!!!

    State the facts and prove BP WRONG!!! No one is perfect but there is no use saying that the story is wrong but you don’t correct it… Seeing is believing and we can see BP’s story!! Where is yours????

  9. I am telling you “media” this story is WRONG! I am a family member of hers and i know without a doubt this story is ALL WRONG! And it makes me sick to know that you report stuff about her that is not true. Get the facts or dont report at all. I am so disgusted!

  10. @generalcrazy Well generalcrazy, if we say it is indeed our stroke of genius, some would say that is just flattery. But we have contacts. STRONG STRONG SOURCES and INFORMANTS all over the world. Some question how we knew Hubert Ingraham was an informant. But we know an we have the goods. Some question how we knew a police officer is the man who police should be questioning in Hal Taylor’s murder, but we know.

    And we know generalcrazy because we are not in the business of DEFLECTION like the rest of those in the WUTLESS MEDIA. WE are NOT IN THE BUSINESS OF SPIN and lies. NOW you know BP is a very different place than these WUTLESS MEDIA PEOPLE!

    Media persons sit in rooms with police and would never ask the appropriate questions. We have contact deep in the US and right in the RBPF. And when they cannot speak, we speak for them!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

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