Duane Sands is just one disaster after another in the country! He should be announced as the Minister for Disasters!

Duane Sands just after getting chased off Bay Street during the Corned Beef Rebellion in Rawson Square on June 14th 2018.

NASSAU| Prime Minister Hubert Minnis should have sacked his Minister for Health Duane Sands months ago following that scandal involving the Magic Touch Cleaning contract with Barbara Hanna.

In that matter Sands was condemned by the Chief Magistrate, along with Marvin Dames, for their interference and influence with the Barbara Hanna / Frank Smith case. Duane Sands gave Hanna, a contractor to the government within the PHA, a 1.9 million dollar cleaning contract without oversight by the Board. It was also suggested that the contract was awarded to the complainant without the knowledge of the Cabinet. We do believe they were all complicit.

Yesterday, the man – who we now describe as the real Minister of Disaster [SANDS] – took to social media to condemn Bahamas Press, calling our team of reporters “Sick”, as he protested our exercise of free speech in the country. Imagine dat!

The Bad Candidate paying a voter counterfiet out of his car during the election some years back

Sands went as far as to call for Bahamas Press to be banned from the internet and silenced. We wish him well on that. Does Duane Sands believe in democracy? Does he believe in the right of ordinary Bahamians to have their say on social media? Or is he a sick man with a view to suppress free speech and silence voices of dissent in the country?

The Minister for Disaster, Sands, should note that we are protected with a constitutional right of FREE SPEECH! You didn’t know that? And you want to be Prime Minister?

Sands led a Disaster when he bungled the deaths of hurricane Dorian victims. Six months later and still scores of bodies remain unburied in a trailer behind the clinic in Abaco. What a disgrace! Leaving the matter to be dealt with by the Prime Minister of the Country?

Sands led a Disaster when he bungled the marijuana commission report, leaving that matter to be taken over by the Prime Minister.

And, if that wasn’t enough, Duane Sands’ disaster in preparing the country for the potential threat of the Coronavirus is again another example as to why his kind of leadership remains unacceptable for the Bahamas.

Bahamians must encourage the PM of the country to kick this Disaster called Sands out of the country. He is not a good example of leadership in the Bahamas!

We report yinner decide!