The CHEEZE Stands [sits] ALONE! PM Takes over Health Coronavirus


PM Minnis silenced Duane Sands at Coronavirus Press Conference…

Duane Sands left silent at Coronavirus Press Event.

NASSAU| Let me see if we can send his words back to him: He is a very sick individual! The notorious Health Minister Duane Sands looks dejected. No microphone in front of him. No one wants to listen to him. And no one even believes him!

And he has had nothing to say at the Coronavirus Press Conference hosted by the Prime Minister this afternoon.

PM Most Honourable [EVER] told Bahamians he is taking measures to protect the country.

Dr. Pearl McMillian the country’s Chief Medical Officer will become the CHIEF AND ONLY spokesperson on the COVID 19 Virus.

We believe it is time for Duane Sands to be BANISHED FROM THE CABINET!

We report yinner decide!