A hidden cell’s political terrorist that left the PLP two weeks before May 10th shows up in the church of new MP…


Your sins will find you out!

PM Minnis have plenty to answer.

Nassau, Bahamas – Some hidden cells deep inside the Progressive Liberal Party weeks before the May 10th general elections are trying to seek out spiritual advice for their wicked deeds in the 2017 general elections.

One such wicked soul now being taunted by his wicked deeds showed up in the church of a fiery MP who has just recently been elected to Parliament.

The campaigner was most trusted in the PLP, was a top general, and had worked his way deep inside the ground machine of the branch collecting data and assessing voters before the elections.

That same former “Trusted General” turned WICKED RED just two weeks before the general elections and took all the ground data and used it against the PLP candidate. The same MP who fed him for five years! UNBELIEVABLE!

The lost soul, who sold his soul to the devil in that exercise, is not finding rest! Just a few days ago that same general showed up at the church of the MP looking for prayers and assistance.

The MP can’t help ’cause he needs a job. And, well, the Party can’t help because they know he can’t be trusted.

All we say is, “Ahhh well, look what ya get when ya tired a what ya had!” Don’t Call BP!

We report yinner decide!