ADC to the Governor General shot and killed this afternoon in the capital!


We hope the courts will now take GUN CRIMES SERIOUSLY! Some close to this incident believes this could be a LOVE TRIANGLE SITUATION!

Dey murder in the street the Governor General’s Chief bodyguard and Aide. WELL WHAT IS THIS? Inspector ADC Carlis Blatch shot dead on Dolphin Drive today. WHAT IS THIS?!

Nassau – Police are now confirming what BP knew from after 3pm today that police officer INSPECTOR ACD CARLIS BLATCH was fatally shot outside the H O Nash School on Dolphin Drive.

Inspector Blatch is the ADC to our Governor General Dame Marguerite. This is serious! This is a state of anarchy being played out in the streets of the Bahamas! LAW ORDER AND JUSTICE MUST BE RESTORED IN THIS COUNTRY!

He becomes the country’s 71st homicide victim. The incident unfolded in full view of the children leaving school outside the H O Nash School.

We pray for his soul and his family at this time. REST ETERNAL GRANT UNTO HIM O LORD! AMEN!!!

We report yinner decide!