All Gaming Board Employees Have called in Sick



Bahamas Press is reporting all Gaming Board staff have withdrawn their labour at this hour across the country. Sources tell us all inspectors and support staff at Casinos along with office and line staff have reported in sick. The staff is demanding money owed to them by the OUTGOING FNM GOVERNMENT!


  1. Could you’ll please stop the madness. The FNM Governemnt is the present government not the outgoing government, show some respect….. Everytime it is near elections we have every one and their workers asking for more money, the more money we make the higher the taxes so when we are not working the load is heavy.
    So let us guess where the next industrial action will come from, will it be the Air Traffic Controllers?, the baggage handlers?, Bahamasair Staff?, Sandals Staff?, Breezes Staff?, BTC Staff?, BEC staff?, NIB Staff?, Water & Sewerage Staff? and they been quiet for oh soo long, Phils Staff?, RobinHood Staff? City Market Staff? Super Value Staff? Marios Staff? First Caribean Staff? The Beauty Pageant Staff? The fish vendors? and the list can go on, its just to say that we always having issues in this little place[nassau].

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