Another MP set to exit the PLP…


Christie junkanoo<<< Perry ‘Da Pussy Cat’ Christie, leader of the PLP.

Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press wonders where does the PLP think they are headed with Perry Christie at the helm of the Party, particularly following this breaking news of Malcolm Adderley leaving the Parliament. Some hope it would mean a return to the halls of governance. Christie we know will do no such thing and hear why.

Readers should remember how we at Bahamas Press warned the PLP Christie spell TROUBLE for the institution. We since January 2008, became extremely concerned about how young politicians who became increasingly disenchanted with the Party. The young progressives were leaving, the branches were closed and up and coming politicos deep inside the party began exiting faster than jets lined to leave a runway.

We saw just before the 2007 elections current South Abaco MP, Edison Key, tendered his resignation and ran with open arms to Hubert Ingraham. Christie said then he did not know Key had sent a letter to his office, LATE AGAIN! Then we saw a future voice in the PLP young Kenyetta Gibson, walked across the floor of the House, calling Christie, “Archmediocrity, captain of all things small and petty, master of all things which are insignificant and void.” Gibson promised to never to return to the PLP as long as the PUSSY CAT led the Party. Others joined in an exodus from the branches and
shared the same concerns.

What is troubling now is the fact another member will resign and this time force a by-election. Adderley we know will leave the Lower House forcing Christie into the greatest political acid test of his lifetime.malcolm-adderley

Early this year during a debate in the Parliament Ingraham made a snap promise to Christie saying: When I go I’m taking you with me.

Boy, and now we hear Adderley is giving up his seat forcing a by-election. However, we are not surprise at this at all. Had that hard head Pussy Cat listened to BP, Adderley would not be so important today. In June of 2008 when Christie was walking through the Straw Market, the same one he neglected to build in his five years as PM, we stated, “Malcolm Adderley, PLP MP for Elizabeth, could not be found.”

Again in July of 2008 when Christie heard Ingraham in the House saying, “We ga knight him [Christie],” we stated in that article, “Yes, Hubert will knight Christie because he cannot fire Malcolm Adderley, as the MP for Elizabeth is on the Ingraham government’s payroll and answers to the minister of finance. Christie has allowed this to happen whilst PLPs look on scrapping for votes in Parliament. Who in this country believes a sitting member of Hubert Ingraham’s FNM will ever vote with the PLP on a bill?”

We knew this day was coming when Adderley would shake the PLP.

The Greenberg Quinlan Rosner report spoke to this same LAZY WUTLESSNESS character of the leader of the PLP. And the report warned the PLP of what will happen if it failed to change the party’s image. And that if it fails to CHANGE, the PLP will suffer another defeat in 2012. Christie has torn up the report with his Da SNITCH’ was left telling the country, that’s old news. Hmmmmmm!

Now they say they are going into a by – election, and we say all being equal to what we know, the PLP may lose this one.

We would like to see a Paul Moss contesting that Elizabeth seat, but we know this will not happen because Christie has ‘DUTTY’ SPITEFUL WAYS!



  1. Is it only me who seems like Russell Johnson is running from FACTS. Anybody in there rightful mind should agree that a SIZABLE amount of PLP and Independents agree that Perry Christie’s performance during 2002 to 2007 was NOT UP TO STANDARDS. Is it only me but you really think The FNM is afraid of Perry CHRISTE Mr. Russell Johnson?Really sit down and think about that because there was a reason why voters like myself voted him O-U-T. I would honestly think the best strategic move for the PLP was to bury Mr. Christie and start to train Mr. Brave Davis to start to lead the plp into 2012 elections. My QUESTION IS as FOLLOW:1. Why did Perry Christie kept Malcolm Adderley for Elizabeth Constituency when his performance in 2002 thru 2007 was mediocre?2. Why has Kenyatta Gibson resigned and strongly because of Mr. Christie’s leadership style?3. Would half of his current administration would be replaced in 2010 elections? Including Bernanrd Nottage, Fred Mitchel, Alfred Sears, Allyson Gibson, Shane Gibson, unPleaseant Bridgewater, Picewell Forbes. 4. What is he going to do to make sure THE YOUNG VOTERS dont vote FNM AGAIN :)? 5. Why has Bradley Roberts and Brave Davis seem to take all of the shine/screen time after the convention. I thought the LEADER was suppose to LEAD and not follow. Bonus Question- Cuz ya know un-Pleasent like $Bonuses. $What has Perry Christie done so far to insure people like myself who seems as if hes not CUT out for Prime-minister based upon his MISTAKES in 2002 to 2009?

  2. Christie just needs to go. I don’t buy the baloney that he believes in second chances, maybe for himself, but he just can’t make decisions. I don’t know if he deserves the name pussycat  because cats can be ferocious, I think ostrich maybe more suitable, cause all he does is bury is head in the sand. Ingraham said when he goes he taking Christie, so maybe this might be the opportunity for Christie to take the lead and go first!! To further quote Kenyatta, in the name of God go!!

    • It is always interesting to read comments about Christie who surely has the attention of all of those who dont support him.If am on the otherside i guess i would be happy to see the last of him to give my party a better chance of continuing in Govt despite a dismal performance.The PLP party has one Leader  and he is Christie so slow down and accept that come next Gen Elects God willing the country will again making a determination on who they want to lead them.Since all of us only have one vote then we must accept the will of the majority.No Christie bashing is going to work anymore because yours truly will see to that by answering all queries .

  3. Boy I just love to see how yall does go forward and upgrade. BP I don’t comment much but I read BP three times a day. Yall off the chains.VOTING FNM!!!!!!!

  4. Thats true hey… how much switch over to FNM?

    Obviously something is NOT right… I would love to see what FOOLISHNESS Russell Johnson ga say now. Let me remind him that Perry Christie put Malcom there in 2002 and he let him stayed there in 2007.  I would let 2002 pass but his actioons during 2002 to 2007 PROVED that he should not be TRUSTED. But I guess the second and third chance Perry thought differently… that what happens when you dont have RESPECT among your administration.

    Serious times called for TESTED LEADERSHIP!

    • I am still waiting for Malcolm to respond whether positively or negatively.Its ironic that two persons who were not unanimous choices of the NGc of the PLP are now thought to be headed away from the very Leader who against all odds pushed for their nominations.Any desertions now prove nothing except that those who switch really never were dedicated to their party philosophy.The important thing is to see what lessons can be learnt.Newcomers will now be sidelined as commitment of perspective candidates will be more severely scrutinized.

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