Another store in Palmdale robbed Thursday morning leaving a trail of damages….Businesses are under attack!!!


Businesses are under attack!!!

Palmdale Robber inside Seasons Boutique

Nassau| Police are not recording crime incidents diligently and here is another example of that. 

Multiple robberies have occurred all across the Palmdale business district and here we report another incident.

BP now has CCTV footage of a robbery which occurred at Seasons Boutique clothing store sometime around 2:43am this past Thursday morning.

The robbers have been smashing windows and doors all across the area, leaving stores ransacked and storeowners racking up huge repair bills.

One store owner told BP her store has been robbed some six times. What has the police said about this – NOTHING!

Another owner told us, “We need more awareness about these robberies which are happening too frequently in the Palmdale area. Someone has to show they care. It is like we are left to defend ourselves!”

The police continue to report that crime is down, but we at BP continue to say that Crime Reporting is down. What is dis?

We report yinner decide!