Mounting evidence proves that Dannie Lea was murdered – yet police allowed the housemate and key suspect to vanish from the gated community where his body was discovered!


SUNDAY BP SPECIAL: Murdered expat Dannie Lea, 29, spent three years in a UK jail for Cocaine possession…He worked for Clean Marine as an Oil Remediation expert even though he was a fitness trainer…

British Expat DANNIE LEA – found murdered in the gated community of Port New Providence on Sunday May 19th, 2019

NASSAU| Only the poor go to jail in the Bahamas.  If you don’t believe us, just follow this murder incident, which occurred sometime in the early morning hours on Sunday, May 19th in the gated community of Port New Providence.

Police bungled the investigation and now, as BP repeats, we have a murderer[s] on the run. Twenty-nine-year-old Dannie Lea, a Clean Marine oil remediation worker, was discovered beaten to the head on the lawn of a neighbour’s house in the private gated community.

Medical reports revealed Lea, who is the father of one, had guests that weekend allowed into the community without properly posting any records in the logs at the security booth. The men who entered the community were drug boys, one who is known as a White Knight drug dealer who goes by the name ‘Five Dollar’. Cameras near the gate showed the men arriving around 1:15am.

Both claimed they were to visiting the residence where Lea was staying.

Now, we at BP cannot continue this report without painting the profile of Lea, who, back in 2015, was sentenced to three years for drug possession in the UK.

BP is also learning that there was no Immigration record of Lea, no work permits or any status for that matter, even though he worked for Clean Marine. Lea, who is from Manchester, had been living in the Bahamas for some time and in the plush fortified gated community of the Rich and Famous, in the home of Michael Baker Harber. 

When Lea’s body was found, it was cold as ice and rigor mortis [stiffening of the limbs] had already set in, which confirms he had been dead for perhaps up to 12 -14 hours. Not even security saw this as they patrolled the grounds?

What is also interesting is, judging from the condition of the body, Lea was dragged from the location where he got his fatal head injuries onto the lawn of a home owned by Dr. Gregory Neil, who was not in the country at the time of the incident. The killers must have known this fact.

The homes of Baker Harber and Dr. Neil are next to each other. What could the cameras on Dr. Neil’s house reveal on this important point?

It is also important to know that clear pulling marks and mud marks were visible around the ankles of the deceased, indicating the dragging exercise from one location to the neigbour’s yard. Photo samples and evidence collected displayed these fact at the crime scene.

Lea’s lengthy hair also displayed evidence of a dragged body left in the rain that early Sunday morning when the murder took place.

But here’s the kicker: Despite all this overwhelming evidence of a murder taking place inside the ironclad gated community, threatening to the security of the residents and the wider public:

1)    The investigating officers on the RBPF avoided seriously questioning the prime suspect, who has since vanished from the house where Dannie Lea stayed.

2)     That houseguest suspect #1, who goes by the name Mike, mysteriously vanished like Houdini from the house the following Monday morning in a taxi and has not been seen since. Perhaps he too has now left the country.

3)    No one, not even the police nor the security at the booth, knows what happened to the pair who entered the gated community just hours before Dannie Lea’s body was discovered. They both also have fled, and we believe might now also be outside of the country.

4)    Following the discovery of Lea’s murder the police never alerted the wutless media in the Bahamas to the discovery of his lifeless body. Nor did officers classify the case as a homicide, but rather as a “sudden death” incident, even after seeing and examining all the mounting trail of evidence before them! WHAT IS THIS? There was nothing sudden with Dannie Lea’s murder. No, he did not have a heart attack, nor was there any freak accident. This was murder!

5)    The police allowed possible suspect #1 [the houseguest Mike] to remain without a proper interrogation exercise, and awarded Mike ample time to flee the Baker Harber residence inside the gated community before the investigation could be complete. What a sloppy wutless way to allow people to get away with murder!

Dannie Lea was a gym trainer by profession. He was buffed and strong.  Therefore, we at Bahamas Press believe more than one person participated in his horrible, horrific, cold and gruesome murder where he was left in the mud to die.

Bahamas Press calls on all British Citizens inside and outside the Bahamas to call for an external inquiry into this murder. Someone must know what really went down on the morning of Sunday May 19th, 2019 deep inside the community of Port New Providence. Someone must have seen or captured the suspects. And someone must know where the suspects are today! Why is the police dragging their feet on this one?

Lea’s life had had its ups and downs. Locked away in the UK for cocaine possession and other crimes, in the Bahamas he started a new life working for powerful The White Knights, but today his family in the UK are grieving, left  with little to no answers about his untimely death. Lea is dead and weeks later police have not issued one bulletin, NOT ONE DRAWING on who they want to question in this incident.

We will end this report the same way we started it –  only the poor go to jail in the Bahamas! Those connected to the rich and powerful almost every time get away!

We report yinner decide!