Bahamas Promotion in the 1950


Now we know why The Bahamas was considered a tropical haven. No one in the Ministry talk about the BAHAMAS in this way anymore. This was 1950, and so where is the modern TV broadcast/documentary about our islands? Enjoy the Bahamas Press entertainment this weekend.


  1. I have finally watched this video, thanks for sharing BP. Every Minister of Tourism and all those in the industry need to watch this to remind them what our tourism heritage is and legacy with which they are entrusted.

  2. General crazy you sure is funny, but you can not say it is Bahamians doin dem tings, because right now, we don’t know who is who. You have all kind of mix blood and people carrying Bahamian titles. I am not saying all Bahamians are perfect, but you check the background of them people urinating all ova da streets and trowing dey trash errywer, you would find out that most of them are mix with some kind of foreign blood. These do not have nothing to lose, they done destroy their country, now they seek to destroy ours.

  3. What has happen over the weekend was very brutal and uncivilized and anywhere you find savage people in the world it could happen there too. There are not many persons doing these destructive things and I believe most of them who are participating in these types of activities came from other countries. The majority of Bahamians are very peaceful people. It is not fair to say that we do not deserve democracy cause of what a few people did this weekend. I believe anyone making the statement that we are not entitled to democracy in the Bahamas, can not be a Bahamian, they are people who are jealous of our heritage and seek to destroy it. I have no problem with foreigner coming to our shores legally and being a productive member to our society. When they come illegally and seek to take what is rightful ours I think the government needs to send them back!!!!!

  4. I agree with Thomas Finley…..Democracy is only for civilised people. Just take a look at events over this weekend with senseless killings. Don’t seem quite civil to me!

  5. Kim, what rock you is live unda?
    Its bahamians doin dem tings, dem nasty set of bahamians dat is urinate all ova da streets and trow dey trash errywer, dem set dat will rob yah and say you is owe dem – dem set of bahamian dem.

  6. Thomas we must all try and keep the Bahamas clean for ourselves and for our guest, I agree with you that there is some destructive persons out there who seeks to tear down our country. When I saw what they did with that sign on Tonique Williams Darling Highway, I was broken hearted, Maybe I am wrong, but every time I see these type of things happening around our country I normally blame the illegal immigrants, It is hard for me to believe that Bahamians are doing this to themselves. I think it is the people who have come here illegal that do not want anything good for the Bahamas. They do not like the freedom we enjoy as a democratic country. The government really needs to something with these uncivilized and destructive people.

  7. Civilised people do not shit where they eat! Only hogs do that! We treat each other and our environment the way we our guests, like nanny…we destroy new things as they are built.Take a look at the new Darling highway; the signs are already destroyed. we destroy the schools, we do not obey the traffic sings or rules of the road.Iit is a free for all out there. Take a trip to Berlin and you will see how a civilised country behaves.

  8. Drama King some persons on this blog are so bias. They can not handle the truth. Every time you make a statement they see as some sort of political attack, when I spoke of the conditions on Bay Street, I was talking from a Bahamian stand point. It was not to make an attack on the FNM or PLP or anybody‘s political party. I am just a Bahamian who just wanted to see improvement to our tourism product, because this is something that affects all of us.

  9. Kim,

    I am glad you made that statement as it seems some members of this blog dont realize that people are entitled to their own opinion.

    If a certain political party speaks of the state of Bay Street at their rallies prior to election and state all the wonderful things that they are going to do to it when they come into office and when they come NOTHING happens then who are you suppose to look to for change?

  10. Thomas you are entitled to have your opinion even if it does not make any sense, because that is what democracy is all about. Everybody knows the function of any government is to take charge of any situation that is affecting their country. That is why they were elected. When your teacher made that statement, I guess she was talking to you and you didn’t know.

  11. Listen, we cannot blame the government for the way bay street looks. we did it ourselves, the people, and we continue to do it. If the government tries to enforce the laws they will get vote out of office. We need to look in the mirror. Maybe we do not deserve democracy. A teacher of mine did say one time that democracy is only for civilised people…

  12. Joe Blow I admire all the ideas you have shared with us, you sound like you have a very creative mind. You are the type of person we need to have when comes to beautifying the country.

  13. Joe Blow you sound like you have all kinds of wonderful ideas for Bay Street, It sounds like the ministry of tourism need to be talking to you. My main concerns was just to have these business owners on Bay street fix up their businesses and for the government to build a proper straw market suitable for our tourism industry, where there are rules and guideline as to what type products can be sold in there, what type of behavior would be unacceptable and for a group of person to manage the up keeping of the straw market. I guess I believe in baby steps if they could accomplish this, then I guess my mind would be open up to visualize some more enhancing ideas for Bay Street.

  14. So Kim, can you articulate your plan for the improvements for the downtown Bay Street area? Perhaps if enough of us give good input into this problem, Media can put together a comprehensive article that can be read on this site and forwarded to the Ministry of Tourism. Looks to me like they are desperate for our help both in the suggestion and promotional area. Let’s face it, we have not had too many creative and tourism-caring people in these positions for many years. One would almost think it was not our major money making industry.
    Suggestion #1. From the dock area proceding east I would like to see a harbourfront walk stretching almost to the P.I.bridge. Make it 15 ft.wide with benches, at intervels (covered),so Bahamians and touists can rest and enjoy the breezes. Please, no vendors or braiders bothering anyone.(No fishing or swimming signs) Convert possibly 3 of the now empty building to open-air cafes with light fare and refreshments. (No more than 3.) Have at least one water fountain rising out of the harbour that shows different lighting at intervals and different heights of spray. (let’s have a contest to see who can come up with a design that is unique to the Bahamas) That fountain can then be used in our promotional advertisements showing tourists and Bahamians alike smilimg and enjoying the view. Bay Street should be free of vehicular traffic in this area. No taxis or jitneys. One might consider a colourful train pulled by a mock engine.(No tracks necessary) Horse drawn carriages would be attractive. (Pooper scooper people mandatory, paid for by the carriage owners) Where the boardwalk ends would be the new and improved Straw Market. It should have adequate space for customers to walk and be at least 90% authentic Bahamian made crafts.All other business enterprises would continue on the south side of the street as usual.It would be helpful if all deliveries to these businesses were made after hours. Please continue with your suggestions and I will add a few more in due time.

  15. Robert you have caused me to reflect back to the good old days. My father and I used to walk from one end of Bay Street to the next every Saturday. Going Town Down used to be an exciting experience for me. Today, the way some parts of Bay Street looks, I don’t care if I ever go out there again.

  16. I am so sad to hear about the deplorable conditions on Bay Street. I remember fondly walking with my parents down Bay Street and visiting some of the shops along the way, i.e. StopNShop, Garfunkles, etc. I was 6 at the time and left New Providence shortly therafter for a permanent move to the United States.

    I agree with Ms. Kim Sands, something needs to be done to restore the glorious past of Bay Street and its surroundings.

  17. Yesterday was the 1st time in years, since I walked Town Down, Bay Street. I wanted to see what was going on in the straw market. I found it to be very dense, smelly and unappealing. Some of the vendors looked so frustrated; I heard obscene language being use in front of our tourists and there were vendors who did not seem to know a word of English. I saw products made in China, Mexico and from all over the place. Could you imagine being a tourist who have been saving your money to come to the Bahamas and when you get here this is what awakes you? Imagine how disappointed you would be. After leaving the straw market, the only opinion I was left with was our government can not be serious about our tourism industry.

    Not only does the straw market looks bad, there are other well known businesses on Bay Street own by white knights that looks like an eyesore. It gives the impression these people are just using these buildings to generate monies for themselves and do not care about our tourism industry and they have no intentions to help with beautifying Bay Street. If you see these buildings, it would make you sick to your stomach. Right after you pass Seventeen Shop heading east you would see them. The government needs to make these big business owners take more responsibility for the maintenance and appearance of their businesses and realize that Bay Street is an area where most of our tourists frequent and we should never have it looking like this. If nothing is done, a sad day will come when we are no longer any competition to other Caribbean countries.

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