Bahamasair employee suffers a serious knife attack in Pembroke restaurant….

Harold Williams being wheeled in a Florida hospital after suffering a stabbing at a restaurant in Florida.

FLORIDA| Bahamas Press has more information into that stabbing of a black Bahamian man in Florida, which is now being classified as a hate crime.

Harold Williams, a manager at the National Flag Carrier in Freeport, was in Pembroke Pines, Florida over the weekend when he entered a restaurant and asked to use the bathroom.

It was then that he was violently attacked and stabbed in the face more than once by an unknown person.

After being able to escape his attacker as he exited the door Williams’ phone was thrown at him with the words shouted, “…don’t come back!”

William was taken to hospital for the stab wounds he suffered to his face. He is being treated at a Florida hospital. His face was significantly swollen as shown in this BP photo.

So far the National Flag Carrier has posted no notice of the incident nor has any notice of caution come from the Foreign Affairs office warning Bahamians of hate crimes unfolding in Florida.

Multiple knife attacks are being reported in the US and in Europe. And just this past week some 50 persons lost their lives while worshipping in a mosque in New Zealand. So far no travel advisories have been posted on New Zealand except from Canada.

We report yinner decide!


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