Minnis failed Oban is back – ONE YEAR LATER following huge Scandal!


Oban negotiations returns with new players of SECRET DEALS and Missing FILES…

Oban signing on Monday 19th, 2018 has plenty hidden players who cannot come forth. PM Hubert Minnis and Oban Chairman Peter Kreiger.

BP BREAKING| Talks with OBAN 2.0 [AKA BRENT] will resume today.

Satpal Dhunna, who we told you last year was an actor, is no longer involved with Oban. And Peter Kreiger, the confessed/convicted criminal who signed Dhunna’s name, is also gone .

The Minnis Government, as regards the SCANDALOUS LAND-GRAB exercise steeped in malfeasance and misfeasance, appears hellbent to give away the PEOPLE’s Land at all costs.

According to the last plan, Oban would only produce 200 jobs over a ten year period. [That amounts to just 20 twenty jobs for Grand Bahama each year over that 10 year period].

Is that even worth it? Is this secret deal /land grab worth it?

Also remember now, according to the last agreement Oban would be exempted from all taxes. WELL, BLOW ME DOWN!!! Where is the profit to the Grand Bahamian People? Twenty Jobs a YEAR?!

We report yinner decide!

Remember how Satpal Dhunna was in it for the long haul? Now he too has vanished? We told yall he was an ACTOR!

Satpal Dhunna dem and Oban Energies got VAT exemption before the inner city got it on bread basket items as promised by PM Minnis.