Bahamian investors are “Uneducated” and, “Short-sighted”, Mr. Coulson? Really? Is that what you think of us?


Who made Richard Coulson – Aliv’s Ghostwriter The Bahamas’ “Modern Day Massa” to depict Bahamians is such a way?

Desperate Aliv CEO Damian Blackburn shows up at BTC Madness event in Marsh Harbour Abaco. – BTC COUNTRY!!!

Richard Coulson
Nassau, Bahamas – Aliv’s Ghostwriter, Richard Coulson, had more to say about the Bahamian Investor, whom he described as “UNEDUCATED” in an article published in the Tribune in late June.

Now we ga say this before we start: as a young Bahamian practicing in business [BP], we take great offence to anyone who attempts to stand on their morning daily platform and attempts to classify Black Investors in the Bahamas as “Uneducated”. Our ability to see through their editorial drivel in itself proves to Mr. Coulson that we are not stupid.

Aliv must be careful when hiring such persons to talk down to the Bahamian people as if they have been elevated to some lofty position as the “Modern Day Massa”. This da Bahamas! And we have travelled and worked in every corner of the world! Sat in some tough positions and we know when we see stupid trying to suggest something to us that is not real!

Coulson in his editorial described Bahamian investors as “Uneducated” and “Short-sighted” as he described the way he thinks we interpret and evaluate companies. Dis da Bahamas, ma bey!

The fact that Cable Bahamas could not get its own Bahamian corporate community – sitting around the corporate table in CBL – to pump additional funds into its solo venture into the second mobile market speaks volumes!

Perhaps in the mind of Coulson Bahamians must be too black and stupid because they don’t agree with the path of Aliv! In Coulson’s own words he expressed glee at the introduction of Aliv’s “International” talent; positions in the executive suites of Aliv, which could have been comfortably filled by competent, educated, qualified, and professional Bahamians who have worked in the same trade of telephony all around the world! Many who possess brilliant minds and have a clear idea of how the world is being shape with mobile technology.

Coulson should not have ventured down this path and should be cautious not to sell Bahamians short. We have talents and are exceptionally qualified to run any major company in the mobile business. Just look at what BTC did for more than 50 years with Bahamian talent and skill.

And herein lies the problem with Aliv and its ghostwriter Coulson. Y’all have shown, and in that last article proven, to have little confidence in us. Even in our judgment of your Aliv business venture. So give us [The Bahamian Professional] one real reason why we should even consider you?

Bahamian investors are “Uneducated” and “Short-sighted”, Mr. Coulson? Really? Do you really believe your own depiction of us?

No wonder Aliv catching hell in the market!

We report yinner decide!


  1. Well said… typical Euro entitlement and arrogance. When they don’t get what they want from us their true colors always show.

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