Bethel and Sands Aided in Pedophile Berbile Escape Out of The Bahamas!


carl_bethelBahamas Press says that members of the WUTLESS MEDIA, The MINISTRY OF EDUCATION and the GESTAPO POLICE all have aided in the escape of a pedophile teacher named Berbile who has fled the Bahamas and now is wanted for his crimes.

Berbile sodomized scores of young boys at the Eight Mile Rock High School for the past eight years whilst the Ministry of Education sat quietly and did nothing! Bahamas Press reported the details of this matter in an interview with a victim and his mother in Grand Bahama.

Berbile along with his CRIMINAL ASSOCIATES on that island used the Eight Mile Rock High School to lure young underage boys to an afterschool programme. The men being concern together with the teacher, RAPED more than 20 school boys according to a victim.

After two victims reported Berbile’s crimes to the police, a senior officer on Grand Bahama became jittery and refused to move charges against Berbile.

Berbile is a Cuban citizen who was contracted by the Ministry of Education to teach art. Carl Bethel and Lionel Sands have also assisted in Berbile’s escape as they have both refused to move for prosecution of the teacher whilst he was in the government’s care. Berbile last month was seen in the Cambio in Florida changing money, after he had fled the country.

Carl Bethel, Lional Sands, The Gestapo Police and the WUTLESS MEDIA have all aided and abetted in Berbile’s escape. Today reports suggest that the police wants to now charge Berbile for his CRIMES at Eight Mile Rock High, after the man have left the Bahamas? Both Bethel and Sand must now do the hounrable thing and resign immediately for THEIR FAILURE TO PROTECT THE CHILDREN OF THIS COUNTRY!




  1. Parents need to build a strong relationships with their children. Children need to feel that can go to their parents and communicate with them when things like this happens to them without feeling ashamed and as if they are the blame. If these children had gone to their parents right away, why did the parents take so long to react? My nephew lives with me and if he comes home and tells me something like this happen to him, I was going straight to the police station to make a report and then the next morning I would have been in Min. Carl Bethel office telling him I need him to do something with this pervert. If he did not give me any reassurance, I would of writing about it on BP, and then I was calling ZNS, Love 97 and all the other radio and TV stations in the Bahamas to do a live interview. Even though this allege pervert have left our country, those parent need to keep pressing on if they really believe their child rights was violated until somebody is held accountable for these shameful acts. Our children rely on us to protect them.

  2. rb75: You are right in that we must insist that this issue be exposed to the highest degree and all of us must take responsibility to do something about it. No doubt it was discussed at the Cabinet level. No doubt that they had more info about it than you and I do. There is no doubt that advice was given but you and I are not privy to any of that. In our effort to convey our repulsion against such acts we sometimes jump to unfounded conclusions and that is dangerous. Please be patient while I tell you this: It took place in Canada-a nation that I have a great deal of respect for. Five young girls were in the gymnasium at their school. The rule was well established that they could not be there without supervision. The janitor came in to clean the floor and ordered them to leave. This was not the first encounter with these girs who disobeyed school rules. He reported it to the principal. Two days later 5 sets of parents reported to the school that the janitor had sexually assaulted the girls. The parents insisted the police be called and the man be charged. As they waited for the police, the principal questioned each one of the girls in front of their individual parents. They all had the same story. But one of the fathers was not satisfied with his daughter’s story and sternly confronted her. She had to look him in the eye and repeat the allegations without looking away. She could not do so and confessed that the girls did not like the janitor so they decided to teach him a lesson. When the other parents were brought into the picture and learned what had actually transpired they were deeply ashamed. Can you imagine what could have happened to the janitor had the truth not come out? He would have been convicted on 5 counts of sexual assault and have to serve a jail term of up to 50 years. Here in the Bahamas, we have an unjust system . A child of 5 can be brutally raped and maimed for life and the guilty person gets a minimum sentence. We must change that. A married man sweethearts and has offspring . We must do something about that. A youg boy stabs another over a leather jacket. We must do something about that. A woman shoots her boyfriend because she catches him with another woman. We must do something about that. A stepfather rapes his stepdaughter. We must do something about that. And on and on. What we must Not do is condemn a person before he/she has been proven guilty beyond a doubt and certainly not before he/she has been given the opportunity to defend himself in a court of law. Calling for resignations of officials falls in the same catagory because when we do not have all the facts, we are making a judgement that is not within our rights. We, the people elect officers of the government without having conducted any due diligence and more often than not choose them by our Party allegience and their charisma rather than by their capabilities to perform. We must change all that. And we must become better educated. more discerning, more compassionate, seek a higher moral plane and love our fellow man. Nuff said by me! We are in this together my brother!

  3. Joe I likewise have a lot of respect for you and I love the exchange that we have here and I really do have a high respect for your ideas and insight ….I see your point but if this was the first of such incidents but this was not ; Joe there have been several reports in the press about misconduct and sexual advances towards our students this was just the latest nail in the coffin this is what I believe the gist of this matter is..the buck stops at Carls Bethel feet and whoever this P.S is and finally at the feet of The Prime Minister when you have two – three case being reported of such matters the Minister responsible should of taken some sort of action ….yes it may be that the powers to go after these sexual predators they might not have but the Minister of Education is apart of the Cabinet and he then could of asked The P.M Min of National Security or the Attorney General to launch and investigation into the schools to clean up the ingoing pedophile gate …..Joe to my knowledge no such thing was done nothing said to the public so there fore because of this last case yes Carl Bethel and the top people at Education should be made to resign in disgrace.

  4. rb75: I have a good deal of respect for you so let me outline my position. I can only go by what Media, the news reports and some bloggers contribute to the issue. I STATED BEFORE IT IS THE DUTY OF ALL OF US TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN AT ALL COSTS. If Carl Bethel and the Permanent Sec. had knowledge of the guilt of this alleged pedophile and tried to cover it up, I would immediately call for their resignation and that of the Principal of the school. With my present knowlege of the situation, he took the only step open to him when he removed the man from the school and put him on administrative leave. He does not have the power, in his position, to charge the man, confiscate his passport or put him in jail for the rest of his life. We are a democracy. The alleged perpetrator has constitutional rights. Unless and until someone can provide me with difinitive proof that the Minister deliberately tried to derail the investigation, I must, out of respect for his position, stand by him. The call for his resignation at this point is unfair and ludicrous. You well know there are many things we must rise above and one is to declare a person guilty when we do not have all the information. This applies to the alleged perp., the Minister and his collegues and the Police. You see it matters not whether the person is black or white, whether foreign or Bahamian, whether poor or rich or whether male or female. What matters is that we protect the innocence of our children from all predators. We must not let ourselves be side-tracked by sensationalism, prejudice or hidden agendas. Those only keep us from our real purpose.
    “Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill our enemies.”
    I appreciate your concern as well as contribution and hope I have clarified my position,

  5. Joe this is a very serious issue that once again is being attempted to be swept under the rug ….Joe I believe that you are a civil person and that you have a lot to contribute but for the love of all that is right and true even you Joe as conservative you are cannot in good faith stand by and agree with Carl Bethel and the way this case was done ….in my view Carl Bethel , The Permanent Sec of Education and whoever was or is in charge of Education in Abaco should be made to resign their positions and sent home in disgrace .

  6. Joe:I never mentioned anything about politics. We elect our politicians to do a job, no matter what their affiliation. Are you so ignorant that you cannot see that the way this matter could have been handled better for the young boys affected and for their families? If some member of the opposition had allowed these things to happen under his/her watch I would have said the same thing. I am a mother! And when I send my daughters to school, I believe that they should be protected under the guarantees of the school. I have stated before that I have no political agenda. I just cannot stand the way that this Minister in particular goes about his commitment to the well-being of our school children and the school environment. No Joe, I refuse to continue with you!!!

  7. Once again a serious problem devolves into name-calling,political agendas, personal attacks but no suggestions as how we can work to solve problems. So rather than continue in this vein I will leave the two of you to get on with your contributions.

  8. Its amazing how Joe is only concerned about sip sip and wicked agendas when people are talking about his irreproachable, can do nothing wrong FNM. Joe, try to be fair or keep your trap shut when others are talking.

  9. JOE: This story was made public long after MOE and its employees knew about it. You don’t know me well enough to speak of my integrity sir, so mind your walk! I have no hidden agenda. I just think that it’s a disgrace that these things are allowed to happen. I think that it’s a disgrace that the teacher was even allowed to leave the country. Imagine having your child molested, and then knowing that nothing was done. Get over yourself JOE. I call a spade a spade. In the last year, how many different incidences have happened in our schools? You have to be realistic, or maybe you need to become more informed. I notice you’re always on this site mostly criticizing opinions that are not in line with your own. Just because you feel strongly about something doesn’t mean that you are right. I chose to state my opinion on this particular story because I knew about it, and I watched the Minister do nothing to try to even pacify the families that were affected by this whole ordeal. If that makes him anything but “wutless” I don’t know what else to say.

  10. Natasha: C.B. is not a stupid or naive man. It was made public by the gentleman from the parent-teacher group so how could he possibly keep it hush, hush? You said a very good source told you about it. If you work for the man, you should have the integrity to keep certain information (wasted? drunken?) to yourself, unless you are willing to come forth and prove that he is unable to fulfill his obligations. We have too much “sip-sip” in this country. And too many vicious hidden agendas.

  11. Joe Blow: “bear false witness” Are you implying that my statement is in any way nonfactual? My dear Joe, I work for that man. SO I do believe that I and my co-workers can vouch for the fact that the Minister has shown up on the job wasted. Furthermore, this story as I stated before was kept hush-hush because the Minister who had just gone through the whole ordeal about his son being naughty saught to keep it from the public.

  12. boy the way i see it is, if the skin colour is right under the FNM government you can get away with anything.

  13. Natasha: We all need to hold ourselves to a higher moral standard. Perhaps we could all benefit from re-examining the Ten Commandments; even the one that says,” Thou shall not bear false witness.”

  14. BP a very good source told me that when the news broke about this one late last year, early this year, it was made hush-hush by the Minister. This gave Mr Berbile lots of time, in fact weeks to get out. I heard this story long before it came out, and believe me I was shocked! Worse than that, absolutely nothing was done. I don’t know why Carl’s drunken you know what still has a job after the whole ordeal with his son. We need to hold our politicians to a higher standard than we do. He was and is always slow to take action. The more boys came forward, the more the story was made hush-hush.

  15. Hi Joe Blow, what you are saying is making a lot of sense as usual. I just hate to think people are allowed to hurt little children and get away with it. If these allegations are true, I wish there was more the Min. of Education and the police could do. That teacher better be glad I don’t have any authority, because he would have been locked away until I was able to determining his innocence…… Anyway, you can run, but you can’t hide. If he did these awful things to those children, God in heaven knows exactly what he did and he is the final judge.

  16. Kim: Certainly there are a lot of changes that need to be made in our system of justice. While we must hold on to the thought of “innocent, until proven guilty”, this man should have been required to surrender his travel documents until after a preliminary hearing. I do not know if such a thing is constitutional and legal, if no charges had yet been laid. Perhaps our lawyer bloggers can weigh in on that. Because it took so long for the victim(s) to come forward to the police, they themselves caused a delay in the investigation process. As I understand the first contact was made by a third party who had no legal standing in the case. This only complicated matters. The Ministry of Education did what it could by removing him, temporarily, but they had no further legal standing to prohibit him from leaving the country. If there is an Commission to be convened it needs to be one that reasses our whole system of justice and not one for this case. Or perhaps we should just re-read the one that has been gathering dust on the shelves. We must let the police do their job and stop trying to second-guess them in their procedures. The young man now in charge in Grand Bahamas should be allowed to get on with his job and not be judged as to his worthiness by someone such as R.J. who continues in his politcal comments to talk his nonsense.

  17. If these allegations hold no merit, what I am trying to figure out is why this teacher did not stay and clear his name and return back to his post. What’s with the sudden departure from our country? I just knew this would be the end result, just by the way I felt the Minister of Education and the police were downplaying these claims. This is the way a lot of things are handle in this country. It only makes sense to call a commission of inquiry if they intend on pressing charges on the perpetrators and looking at past inquiries it was just a waste of tax payers monies, because nothing ever came out off them. It is sad that there seems to be no justice in this country.

  18. What a story:I smiled not with amusement but pity at the portion in the article where it said the SENIOR POLICE OFFICER appeared to be jittery. I am a critic of this Govts move to assert that bcos a Policeman has a degree then he should be put in a position to Lord over those who have the experience and guts to do their job.This experiment by the Govt to have a hands on approahc in respect to the Police will surely explode in their faces.Due diligence was not met as the circumstances suggest the offender was discharged from Education b4 the investigations were complete.In looking at the way this Govt operates the CABINET would have agreed to get the offender out of the system b4 justice could be served.As a citizen of Bahamas I do not want no Policeman who is afraid to do their job based on what politicians want.When the story first broke I thought that since the Govt wasted money sending a rookie to the Canadians for training then we would have seen something different.I honestly did not expect anything different bcos this highly publicised officer is really not versed in investigations.Photo opportunities is not policing.The Police are here to advise the Govt abnout investigations and not the other way around.So what happens in Grand Bahama now that we have victims of CRIME?have they been given counselling b4 they do the same distardly act on other innocent young men?I call for an Enquiry into this matter so that the chips can fall where they may.

  19. @Joe Blow
    Well you have your view JOE but we at BP have a JOB to DO. A real JOB of telling what every child know is NOT TOLD! Bahamas PRESS represent REAL NEWS!


  20. When this case came to our attention a few months ago it was because a mother, whose son had developed AIDS, spoke to the head of the school’s parent group. As I understand it, he then informed the police of the posibility of a teacher’s involvement. The police can be alerted to a possible crime by a non-participant but the Police are not in a position to arrest anyone until a formal complaint is made by the victim or the victim’s guardian. Bahamas Press you need to be more careful and begin using the term “alleged” as you do not know all the facts of the case and the suspect has never been arrested or tried for the crime.
    The Ministry of Education did all it could at the time by removing the person from the school and putting him on administrative leave. How you then jump to the conclusion that the two gentlemen should be asked to resign is beyond my thought process. This is not a vigilante state.
    Your article is in direct violation of your assertion that you are above what you term the reporting of the “Wutless Media”. Your exaggerations, sensationalism and lack of good journalism are not acceptable. Report the facts, man, as they are, not as you want them to be because you have a hidden agenda. Save your outrage for the heinous act itself if you want to editorialize. Just trying to keep you real!

  21. If they could not hold him when he was here, now that he has left our shores, when do they suppose they will catch up with him again? hmmmmmmm!

  22. Hold on now, this is deep! I had no idea that the man who was accused of taking advantage of those little boys down in Freeport was a foreigner. This matter is even worst than I thought. Media you mean to tell me, they brought him here to teach our children and he turns around rape those little boys? This country is such a beautiful place, two to one he was not use to living and working in such conditions and this is the way he repay the Bahamian people? How could Carl Bethel and the police force allow this animal to come here and do what he wants with our young boys and then leave? They ought to be ashamed!!!

  23. BP it is cases like this and other issues in the country why I think we all need to get serious about our problems. And you are right about the media in this story. We keep too many secrets in this town that the public is entitled to know in the name of politics. This case has spanned three government administrations over 8 years and its just this year reaching the public domain. maybe if the media and the government has done it job according to the International Rights of Children Act that we signed on to our children would be protected as they should be.

  24. Holy good God Almighty!! Are you serious? This is totally unacceptable. Our government is aiding and protecting pedophiles? Who will protect our children? This better be a joke… Or some kind of misunderstanding. If not Mr. Bethel will be in hot water…

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