Big weave attack on BTC employee in front of the government clinic on Carmichael Road….


NASSAU| Since the Minnis government  dem ain’t making no sense, we might as well turn our attention to a big weave fight on Carmichael Road right in front of the Government clinic.

A BTC gal, who was once fired from the telephone giant, got beat up right in front of the Carmichael Clinic as she was doing her job. One wild “jungaliss” rolled up on the gal and started hitting her in the head. Before ya knew it, the Brazilian weave was off and natural locks were taking the blows.

And get this: All this was unfolding right in front of the clinic and the police at Carmichael Road police station just a stone’s throw nearby.

Police, we understand, gave chased the suspect on foot but no report of an arrest has come into the media. The suspect may have made good her escape. Police don’t report these things anymore so who knows.

We at BP were on the scene, though, and we believe the incident was more than just an attack on the BTC employee! We believe it is another bloody attack on the brand! Could this be a robbery attempt gone bad? Who knows?

All we ga say is this: the bandits done done it again!

We report yinner decide!