Minnis Government fires young mother of four who now walked the streets of the capital; abused and mistreated in Foreign Affairs!


Young mother was let go in Foreign Affairs last year! Dese some heartless people keeps abusing the WOMEN DEM!!!

JP Rodney Moncur and Lame Duck Prime Minister MOST HONOURABLE EVER Hubert Minnis!

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is following the young mother of four who lost her mind and clothes yesterday as she struggles after being fired from the Minnis Government.

The young woman, who we shall not name at this time, was captured on video by a passerby yesterday.  The video has now gone viral.

The young mother, we are learning, was employed inside the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. She was one of 5,000-plus denied a job opportunity by the Minnis Government and thrown to the unemployment lines. And then, after being axed by the heartless crew, was invited to join job fairs with no results.

The intelligent young mother was hired as a secretary to the Director General’s office in Foreign Affairs, but, according to sources inside that office, “She was oppressed. Her bosses spoke mean to her, and being a contractual worker, she went to many of the staff with her concerns which all fell on deaf ears. She needs our prayers and her children need their mother.

“Clearly, there is a management problem at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and this young woman should have been treated much better than she was.”

The heartless and cold shock treatment now being loaded on Bahamians by this rude and wicked Minnis Government is becoming unbearable for some. Look what they have done to this woman.

We call on Leader of the WOMAN and Former Senator Rodney Moncur J.P, who was recently awarded as having the best talk show in all the nation to speak to this issue! Defend the victim let go out of Foreign Affairs! She has four children! She is a single mother and vat under this heartless bunch has went up by 60%!

Mr. Moncur appears to be the one voice in the nation standing up for the weaker gender! All others are mute!

We report yinner decide!