Second Cabinet Spouse gets a government issued car and is not entitled to one! ABUSE!!!


LAME DUCK PM Minnis has lost control of his Cabinet and is not managing the country!

The husband of Minister Lanisha Rolle’s shown here now jumping into his Government issued vehicle? Three government issued red plate vehicles were packed up for months outside the couple residents.

BP BREAKING| The spouse of a second Cabinet Minister reports to her private job on Paradise Island in a Government issued red plate vehicle.

The wife of the Cabinet Minister is employed on Paradise Island and has a senior position in the executive suite at the major resort.

But every morning, as she reports to her big-time job, driving a government issued red plate vehicle she parks the public’s car right in front of the the damn property. WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS? Now we at BP don’t care if she drove a jalopy to work but leave the keys to the public’s vehicle in the Government’s yard for civil servants to use!

This latest report comes following the discovery that the Minister for Youth Sports and Culture parked three government issued red plate vehicles right in front of her home. What in the hell is this? If she gat three and her Cabinet colleagues wife gat one das four! How in da hell the public servants ga do our business? WHAT IS THIS MINNIS?!

At a time when many government agencies are screaming for vehicles these people gat the damn government car for dey friends, family and FNMs!

At a time when the national debt is rising and unemployment numbers keep going up these people are abusing the limited tax dollars of the Bahamian people! This must stop!

Just a few months ago, BP reported how the aide to Dame Ivy parked her government issued red plate outside his ‘Lil’ Generals job. What is this? LEAVE THESE DAMN CARS IN THE CARE OF THE PUBLIC!

Hubert Minnis has lost damn control of his government and needs to wake da hell up from his deep sleep! Why is his Cabinet so lawless and out of control?

We report yinner decide!