Bloody Massacre at the foot of PI Bridge! APB issued for Stephen ‘Die’ Stubbs


Murder at the foot of the Paradise Island Bridge!

Al Capone’s Chicago Outfit Lands in the Bahamas – One dead eight seriously wounded…

Nassau, Bahamas — International news is all a buzz at this hour as an APB is now out for Stephen ‘Die’ Stubbs and members of his criminal network.

The news has already gone global as one of the bloodiest night in Bahamian history unfolded last evening.

From our network ground reports we can tell you right now some 20 persons are in police custody and some 8 people in hospitals after on rival criminal gang sought to take law into their own hands.

The scene we can report was like that out of an Al Capone Chicago Outfit, where criminal gangs lead the bloodily massacre of human beings.

Reports are that while Die Stubbs’ gang was hanging out at a bar at the foot of the old Paradise Island Bridge, an opposing gang [also gathered there] and got into an argument over stolen drugs. Now get this, having no satisfaction from the response, one group decided to load up their weaponry and spray the bar red with blood.

By the sound of the last bullet some eight men were wounded badly and from what we hear, a police officer may have been on the scene.

According to breaking reports happening right now, dead among those eight wounded souls is one, Cordero Findley, of Nassau Village. He died this morning, with some two others we are told hanging onto life by the thread.

The news of this BLOODY merry has shocked the world, happened at the doorstep of the PI Bridge [THE GATEWAY OF BAHAMIAN TOURISM] and is now forcing the Christie Government to move in on a crime wave which goes unabated!

We are getting reports that the hospital could be unsafe. Some say certain communities are unsafe for travel. All we know is this, the former Charles Town is one bloody city these days and all we say is this; HELP!

We report yinner decide!