Government vehicles written-off and broke down on day one!


A second former FNM Cabinet Minister car broken up as he brought shame when his ‘jungaliss’ sweetie took her anger out on government property…A REPORT NOT ONE MEMBER OF THE WUTLESS MEDIA WOULD REPORT!

Lack of good working vehicles almost left Ministers walking to work…

Nassau, BahamasHubert Ingraham has left the country in a state of disrepair where some suggest it may take 20-years for the government to get the country back on track.

You heard how the former Prime Minister left the FNM in debt, owning over $1 million in overdraft at RBC and an additional $5 million in outstanding bills. What readers should also know is how the outgoing government left the country! One Minister described it this way, “IN SHAMBLES”!

Nothing surprises BP these days as the reports of neglect by the former government is reaching a fever pitch!

In one such area “government vehicles” some Cabinet Ministers were left stranded; pulling the hoods of the broke-down government cars and checking out the engines.

Government cars in several departments have not been serviced or cleaned in months with some Cabinet Minister’s vehicles smoking and breaking down before they could start.

In one instance the former MP for South Beach, Phenton Neymour, who tried his hand in Exuma, completely wrote-off his cabinet vehicle and had it parked at the airport. BP was the only media page that carried the incident. Not one member of the wutless media reported the story and we wonder why?

Was it because an election was pending?

Then there was the backup Cabinet car of Charlie Maynard, the former Minister for Youth and Culture, which some described as another write-off. You recall how a woman known to the former Golden Isles MP went on a rampage at the popular Fish Fry and broke up the government vehicle.

Again, not one member of the wutless media reported the story and we wonder why?

Another Cabinet car, driven for a minister who we will not name at this time, was returned into the care of the police with all kinds of bottles of night-train and fake hair all over the seat. That FNM minister was having a slew of problems and lost in the last election.

Then there was the vehicle for the Prime Minister, which looked good but was also in dire need of service. Things were so bad, days before the general elections, Hubert Ingraham had his office order a spanking new car for the PM as a backup.

The government vehicle situation was so bad Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry Christie almost had to tell Cabinet Ministers to get to work the best way they can.

It’s Unbelievable – Unthinkable!

To replace old cars with new ones would now cost taxpayers thousands of much needed funds. If only the former government kept repairs going.

Meanwhile sources close to Papa Clown tell us he could soon place the order for a spanking new six figure 2013 Mercedes Benz.

Like the FNM, Hubert Ingraham left the country in shambles; with some new ministers almost having to walk to work.

We report yinner decide.