Board Member at Bahamasair hired as Director of Operations?


Nassau| Bahamians must now take a closer look at the happenings at the National Flag Carrier and some decisions by the Tommy Turnquest Board.

We at BP are having serious concerns about Bahamasair where we know a decision to fire many reservations staff is still pending.

But today we have reasons to question some recent hires as they made the rounds of the social media platforms.

One of the persons hired is a woman named Betty Benoit. And so we ask the Government: Is Ms. Benoit a Member of the Board at Bahamasair? If yes, isn’t this a conflict? And if that isn’t enough, it seems as if a serious dose of nepotism has engulfed the National Flag Carrier.  Both Ms Benoit [mother] and daughter have been 
hired at Bahamasair.

Anyway, we ga keep reporting while yinner keep deciding.