Another child left abandoned in an old building on Market Street behind the RBPF headquarters!

“Stunka” gata suck finger after no nipple show up to suck – Another baby abandoned after 9 months being carried. BOY WE GAT IT BAD!

NASSAU| It appears that all kinds of serious things are happening with children in the Bahamas and this latest report tells us something is going dangerously wrong within the society.

A newborn baby was discovered in an abandoned building just near the C. R. Walker School on Market Street this weekend and no one can tell us how it got there.

We don’t know how these things do happen with children in the Bahamas. Back in December police reported the discovery of a corpse in bushes. We thought it was missing man Marvin Pratt. But later it was revealed to be the remains of a child, discarded. And with all these “churrin” being picked up, taken on some joyride and then left in a location, one can only wonder how low are we prepared to go when it comes to the protection of children as a society.

We report yinner decide!