WSC GM taken for a joyride to Florida on his birthday…

WSC Executive Chairman Adrian Gibson and Union President Dwayne Woods.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is following serious and damaging developments at the Water and Sewerage Corporation where we understand executives are spending limited funds like drunken sailors.

With no one in charge of the Internal Controls and Compliance Department following the abrupt departure of Kimberley Rolle and without the Chief Financial Officer Ms Edgecombe, who was forced out of the Corporation, many are left to wonder who is watching the purse at WSC?

We are learning how the Corporation’s GM was allowed to spend some time in the US for his birthday at the expense of taxpayers.

Meanwhile, staff are gearing up to call on the PM Most Honourable Ever to fire Executive Chairman Adrian Gibson after serious fallout with staff and management at the Corporation.

Serious allegations of staff monitoring and a linked audio exposing the workings of another fired worker, Harry Joseph, who told police he was hired to spy on staff. Senior management is now telling BP they have all had enough of the rot at WSC.

Meanwhile, a discovery of rental cars in the parking lot of WSC begs the question whether the Executive Chairman is the owner of the rentals and if he abused his office using WSC parking space after he called police to break up Union Meetings on the grounds of WSC. What is this?

PM MOST HONOURABLE EVER MUST ACT but he seems paralyzed to make decisions when it comes to the behaviour of men inside his government!

Duane Sands and Marvin Dames, who were judicially condemned for their interference in a criminal investigation, are both still serving in the Cabinet of the Bahamas. Perhaps this lawless example will give Adrian Gibson license to continue his plots against staff at the Corporation.

We report yinner decide!