BP investigation opens at BTVI – As an executive at the school spent plenty funds on lavish “SISSY” trips and BEYONCE’ concerts…. PART 1


Thousands stolen at BTVI and, while another expensive audit is complete, executives at the school refuse to release the findings…WHY?

Minister of Education Hon. Jeffery Lloyd.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is following a serious story deep inside the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute [BTVI].

Now we understand Minister with direct responsibility for BTVI, Jeffery Lloyd, has engaged the services of a man who is a close friend of the Minister.

Prime Minister Hubert Minnis paid a visit to BTVI back in August 2019 and was introduced to the new executive management team. On hand to receive the PM was President Dr. Robert W. Robertson and other officials.

Some two years now the Government has requested there to be an audit done at BTVI. The report is complete, however, it has not been released. WHY?

Andrew Gape VP FINANCE at BTVI

Jeff Lloyd has appointed his close friend Andrew Gape as Vice President in charge of Finance at the school. Gape was hired after another employee was sacked following allegations of stealing.

The audit was done to determine the amount allegedly stolen, but to this day, that amount is still undetermined.

It is believed that hundreds of thousands of dollars at BTVI vanished as a dangerous “SISSY” relationship was engaged in by the axed employee. That same employee enjoyed the lax new administration’s travel policy of long expensive exotic trips and lavish VIP Beyoncé Concerts. But that’s another story for another day.

Meanwhile, KPMG racked up a huge audit bill of over TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS to do the audit and still its details have yet to be qualified. WHAT IS THIS?

So we want to know who is Andrew Gape the man Jeffery Lloyd hired to oversee the Finances at BTVI?

How often does Mr. Gape show up to work in the Finance Department at Technical School?

How much money is missing inside the Institute [BTVI]?

Is Mr. Gape aware that a huge bill has been racked up at BTVI for an audit investigation by BTVI?

And, what are the findings of that AUDIT?

You know no one wants to answer any of these questions; Not the Minister, Not the President of BTVI nor the VP for Finance Mr. Gape. But guess what? Your Bahamas Press knows more than those set in charge to look after the purse. And so over the next few days we ga talk some stuff – to see if any of the persons above knows what is happening at the school.

We ga wait for either Jeffery Lloyd or his close friend to answer our questions but we want PM Minnis to know BP will do what he as PM has failed to do! And that is Protect the Public Purse!

BP is standing guard inside BTVI…STAY TUNED! MORE TO COME!

We report yinner decide!