Brave DAVIS: PM Minnis is using distraction after another to deflect the nation from his failed administration…

PLP Leader Philip Brave Davis Q.C. on the floor of the Party’s 54th National Convention commanding a wave of support across the country.

STATEMENT issued 26th February 2020

For a Prime Minister who commands a huge parliamentary majority to advance any policy or piece of legislation he wishes and whose government has borrowed billions of dollars in three short years, it was sad and quite frankly painful to see him struggle as he used one distraction after another to deflect the nation from his failed administration.

The issue is not Peter Nygard or the PLP – the issue is this abject failure of this FNM administration led by Prime Minister Hubert Minnis.

On the eve of another general election season that he declared, Prime Minister Hubert Minnis has nothing to show for his stewardship except higher taxes on the backs of Bahamians, higher unemployment, mass labour unrest, misery and mass suffering. The rich, foreign interests, party donors and friends on the other hand have enjoyed generous tax breaks and sweetheart deals.

This Prime Minister has misled Parliament and the nation on multiple occasions; these are impeachable offences that demand the Prime Minister’s resignation. His administration is marred and stained by conflict of interest scandals and judicial condemnation – none of which the Prime Minister seems capable of answering. Further, he has shown to be unable to account for the billions of dollars in loans his government has borrowed and as a result he has clearly lost the confidence of the Bahamian people and the moral authority to govern.

These egregious issues remain outstanding to date and must be answered by the Prime Minister. No amount of deflection, political posturing, bluster and diatribe can change this reality.    

The consensus among Bahamians is that the Prime Minister has failed them and they cannot wait to see his back and the back of his FNM administration. The Bahamian people are not fooled Mr. Prime Minister; they have stopped listening to you and for sure this upcoming general election is not about Peter Nygard, but a referendum on you and your failed leadership.

I urge all Bahamians to remain focused – join us as we continue to fight for you and the soul of this nation – working together to remove this FNM government from power who has lost the moral authority to continue to govern this country.


Thousands at the PLP Rally in 2020