Branville McCartney tells Hubert Ingraham if he wants to “apologise” he should apologise for what he did to the Bahamian PEOPLE!


DNA leader tells PAPA go sit down!

Ingraham approved the permits for 8,500 Chinese while Bahamians were told they need not apply and sat home UNEMPLOYED UNDER HIS WICKED REGIME!

STATEMENT : The former Prime Minister recently criticized the present government for not settling payment for road works completed by Baha Mar. The former Prime Minister went as far as to apologize to the Baha Mar investors and the People’s Republic of China for the behavior of the present government and he called the government’s actions tedious, vexatious and worrisome.

The Democratic National Alliance notes that there has been no request by the Baha Mar investors or the People’s Republic of China for an apology from the former Prime Minister or the present government.  As a matter of fact the Baha Mar investors did not request an apology from the former Prime Minister when he made certain statements in Parliament as Prime Minister that caused potential investors at the time not to invest in Baha Mar, resulting in substantial delays in the development.

The DNA believes that if the former Prime Minister is issuing apologies, then he should first and foremost apologize to the Bahamian people.

An apology is most necessary for the sale of BTC. We can see today that this was a mistake. In this regard, I would ask if the former Prime Minister would issue an apology to his former parliamentary colleagues when he said, referring to the BTC sale, that if they did not vote in favor of the sale, he would call a snap election. Indeed the former Prime Minister must have seen the writing on the wall from back then.

I wonder if the former Prime Minister would apologize to the Bahamian people for causing many businesses to go out of business because of the road works and change in traffic direction, in particular in the inner city. Hundreds of families have not regrouped and are suffering financially as a result of these actions of the former Prime Minister.

Is there an apology forthcoming by the former Prime Minister for having an overwhelming record breaking five year period of murders?

Is the former Prime Minister going to apologize for not having the political will to put in place effective immigration policies to stem the flow of illegal immigrants to this country and the development of shanty towns? Is he going to apologize to the Bahamian people for blocking suggested policies on Immigration? Was there an apology by the former Prime Minister for releasing 110 illegals from the Detention Centre who never returned, some of whom were associated with criminal activities?

What about the fact that the educational system remained stagnant with our children having a “D” average… is there an apology for this?

Did the good people of North Abaco receive an apology from the former Prime Minister when just hours after voting for him to regain his seat in Parliament he said, thank you…but no thank you. Where is the apology?

Did the former Prime Minister apologize to his political colleagues when he caused their defeat at the Elizabeth bye-election, the 2012 general elections, and the recent bye-election in North Abaco because of his “one man band” stance and self proclaimed proven leadership? Has the former Prime Minister apologized for saying to his political colleagues that when he leaves them he would leave them worst than he met them…in disarray?

And did the former Prime Minister apologize to the Bahamian people, for saying that if he could not have the political victory his most worthy opponent (Mr. Perry Christie) would?

What is truly worrisome is the talk around town that the former Prime Minister still has a personal agenda and wants to return to lead the country. Moreover, there are “Ingrahamites” who are encouraging him to return to front line politics. These are the same persons who encouraged the former Prime Minister, prior to the last election that he was the best thing for this country since sliced bread and that victory at the polls was a certainty. We hear the Prime Minister’s voice quite regularly these days as it is echoed through a few female writers and columnists on Social Media, Simon on the Porch and otherwise.

We in the DNA think that the former Prime Minister has had a good run; he has been Prime Minister of this country for fifteen (15) years. We believe that the time has come for him to put down his political sword and try to become a national statesman and utter statements for the benefit of the country and not for personal political gain. The DNA thinks that this is a good opportunity for the former Prime Minister, which he should use wisely. He certainly did not retire with dignity but now in retirement he has an opportunity to be looked upon as a statesman. We will see if this is possible.

The DNA is of the view that it is obvious today, more than ever, that our country must move forward with new leadership, new ideas and vision. We must strive to put our people back to work as opposed to putting them out of business, new industries must be developed with Bahamians at the forefront, crime must be reduced, there must be the political will to stem the illegal immigration problem, our educational system must be enhanced, healthcare must be accessible and affordable to all and achieving first world status as a country is a must. It is time for our country and the Bahamian people to expect and demand more of their leaders. We must now expect good governance and not settle. We cannot go back.