BREAKING NEWS>>> 28 Customs Officers To Be Sent Home Tomorrow!


prime-ingraham-i-copy.jpgNassau, Bahamas: When the sun is set around this time this weekend, officer in the top brass of the Customs Department will be home for good, as the Ingraham government will FIRE some 28 officers at that government department.

Bahamas Press has learned from our ‘deep-throat’ in the department, that officers will be purged out of the service in a mass excercise to clean up the department.

Bahamas Press has also learned that when the dust is all settled, only Acting Director Anthony Adderley will be the left standing at the helm of the organization.

In a massive restructuring excercise of the PUBLIC SERVICE, Hubert Ingraham has now sent home over 1,200 temorary government workers, hundreds of senior public officers across the service. He has axed members at the top brass at the Immigration and Police departments in the midst of the hardest economic crisis hitting the Bahamas since the GREAT DEPRESSION!

Tomorrow, the Ingraham government will send home officers in the Customs Department.

A promise to the Bahamian people during the May 2, 2007 general elections was told by FNM leader Hubert Ingraham, that no public officer need fear for their jobs, under an FNM administration. Well, upon hearing this news an officer told Bahamas Press, “Here is what you call government you can TRUST!”



  1. This is an amazing story as it seems that everyone who this wutless Government targets is deemed to be corrupt by stuypid supporters on this site.A spiteful and vindictive Govt. is set to make everyone who they deem to be non supportive of them jobless.Some of the biggest crooks are in the FNM.I thought civil servants had tenure of services protected under the constitution?This witch hunting is not good for our country.If there are charges that can be proven in Court then let the chips fall where they may but dont demean anyopne strictly for political expediency.

  2. Tony Adderley is the crookedest bastid in Customs, and spiteful as well.
    He shoulda been the first to go to prison, just like the fella he followed and lernt from.
    Retiring them is a fakers way out.
    So now we gonna have a fresh bunch of power corrupted new officers looking for their piece?

  3. I dont normally agree with putting people out of work, but I congratulate the PM for this bold step in cleaning up the Customs Department. We could realize much more Revenue is some of what goes into their pockets could reach the Public Treasury. Let us not make this a political issue as I don’t think politics had anything to do with this move. PM did what was right. He is also aware that many of these officers OPENLY supported the FNM as some of them still have the various flags on their vehicles.

    • FERN: “PM did what was right. He is also aware that many of these officers OPENLY supported the FNM as some of them still have the various flags on their vehicles.”

      We guess as we said, that is leadership we can trust ech?


  4. Because we broke the story on the 28 custom workers getting fired today. We did comment on that incident today however.


  5. BP how come you ain’t break the news that Pleasent Bridgewater was arrested in Freeport for extortion this morning??? This story has shaken up the G.B community today.

  6. In my humble opinion I think the government is taking it easy on them, because I am sure there are way more than 28 corrupt officers in custom, there have to be at least another 100.

  7. Drug dealing is wrong but some people will try to protect the Drug Lord because he gives gifts to the neighbourhood children at Christmas! Young girls prostitute themselves but it is ok with the parent because she brings home money and gifts! Young men rob and bring home their loot and the parents turn a blind eye-no questions asked! A Minister of the church has unlawful sexual relations with a youngster and half the congregation villifies the young girl and despite overwhelming evidence he is found innocent and continues to preach the Word! For years the public has complained that the civil service has been overstaffed through political patronage and no one has the intestinal fortitude to do anything about it! Corruption is rampant in the government departments and all we do is complain but it falls on deaf ears! NOW,at last, someone comes forth and begins to clean up the mess and we cry out SHAME! What better time to clean up the corruption? Are we now going to say its ok to let this go because times are bad! Report it Media but don’t insinuate that somehow this action is wrong. I, for one applaud this Prime Minister for beginning to clean up the mess!

  8. Custom is the most dishonest department in government and I hope they sent all them bad apple home. Don’t look better than some those women officers they could be so spiteful, that’s why I prefer to deal with a man and even some of them are corrupted. I don’t want to see the innocent ones to go, but I hope they get rid off all the dishonest ones. Don’t care what the government tries to do with those corrupt officers, they still find away to beat the system. When you are a thief, you are a thief; there isn’t any good that could come from you.

  9. BP, i dont know about this one…I mean we all know the Customs Department is the most corrupt of all government agencies. IF these individuals are corrupt then i have no problem with this.

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