Boys Sodomized by Gay Pedophile Art Teacher at EMR High School!


111-boys-2<<< More than 20 young boys are believed to have been molested by GAY ART TEACHER AT EIGHT MILE ROCK HIGH SCHOOL. (file photo)

Eight Mile Rock, Bahamas: The question we all must be asking in this country is, WHO IS PROTECTING OUR CHILDREN FROM REPEATED SEX CRIMES BEING COMMITTED IN THIS BAHAMAS?

Bahamas Press has uncovered the dangerous path young Bahamian students at the Eight Mile Rock High School have endured for the past eight years.

Why, why did not a single faculty member upon knowing the deeds of a colleague at the school, made no attempt stop the brutal rape (physical and emotional) of young boys on that campus?

Why, why did no student come forth after those eight long years, is another question. But yet it happened, under the dark quiet evenings where students within that small community were constantly abused.

Bahamas Press has learned that a male art teacher at the Eight Mile Rock High School for the past eight years have molested over 20 boys at the school, with only two now coming forth to tell their stories of the horror delivered to them by the man they trusted.

A now 19 year-old shaken former student along with members of hs family told his striking story to our agent now still in the community.

“We cannot believe this had happened, and still refuse to believe that others now in Nassau will be put at risk with this same art teacher. We in this country must wake up and protect our kids from these ‘perverts’ who prey on our children,” A family member of the victim told Bahamas Press.

“I was in my last year at the school when Mr. B (name withheld) told me about joining an after school programme funded by the ministry of education (MOE). Well, being a young man with hopes to go to college, I believed at the time that my involvement would have strengthen my chances of getting a scholarship,” the young man said.

But as I went with Mr. B in the so-called “MOE AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMME”, I discovered that my teacher really had set me up in the name of the MOE. And used his position as an educator to lure me, and what I now know to be many others, into a WICKED SEX PLOT!

“He took me to his home one evening, and when we got their no one was there. He proceeded to talk, and after an hour of seeing no one there I wanted to go home. It was then that he began making sexual advances at me to which I felt even more uncomfortable and rejected,” the young man told Bahamas Press.

Bahamas Press can now confirm that the teacher used his position to lure scores of under aged young men, whose family showed a non-active role in their lives. One of the young men we can confirmed was such a favourite of the art teacher, that he bought braces for the young man and when asked how did he got them a response was, “the government (MOE) had paid for the braces.”

In a report on in the national media, another mother said that the teacher (Mr. B.) had come to her home apologizing to her for what he had done to her son. That other former student and victim, now 19 years old and is HIV positive.

“I have heard that that classmate was also taken by Mr. B’s home also. We are both in set and he was in several of my classes. Another student told me that Mr. B often took him to his home, where he asked him to strip off his clothes and Mr. B took nude photos of him.

“I also know that (the 19 year-old with HIV) said how Mr. B. brought his older friends over occasionally to have group sex with him. It is believed that this is possibly how the young man contracted the HIV virus, and could possibly be the reason why the teacher went to his mother’s home pleading that he (the art teacher) is HIV negative.” The former student said.

As if Grand Bahama had not had its share of sex crimes against young boys, this latest story speaks volumes of the horror now challenging our school system on that island. We all have heard the story of the five missing boys. We all know the story of the sex by a female teacher once stationed at the C. V. Bethel High School in Nassau. We know of the CRIME that was committed at Queen’s College last year, but still Police would only parade the names of those associated with other crimes, whilst this constant SEX CRIME attack on children continues in our educational system, and we wonder why?

Bahamas Press will reveal the name of this educator soon. You now know he is an ART teacher once stationed at the Eight Mile Rock High School on Grand Bahama, and know that he has committed a Crime of producing Child Pornography, and committing Statutory RAPE!

Today two more young men have stepped forward with their families to tell their story to the media and Ministry of Education officials. We will await the verdict by that authority, however we ask;

What does the Minister of Education say about this incident?

What does Belinda Wilson say about this WICKED EDUCATOR she serves? And will she also move for him to be removed?


Bahamas Press believes that if the MOE is not forthcoming as to where this teacher now stationed, WE THE PEOPLE SHOULD WITHDRAW EVERY CHILD FROM THE CLASSROOMS OF THIS COUNTRY UNTIL THAT IS KNOWN!


LORD WE NEED CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. But is is SHAMEFUL indeed DISCUSTING that you and Findley would avoid matter at hand with this post. Mr Burbile is a ART TEACHER that has abused these students at the school in Eight Mile Rock. He is a nonbahamian teacher and Bahamas Press is only saying to THESE DAMN SISSY POLICE TO DO THEIR JOB!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  2. Media: when you get on your “high horse” you certainly can confuse the issues! These are two separate cases. If the police arrested the Lawyer/M.P., they must have had very good evidence. It would not have been at the instigation of the P.M. This kind of publicity is very dangerous for the country because it has external complications. Also, shame on you again for implying I or anyone else who does not agree with you receives a paycheck from the P.M. You are supposed to be about the truth and accurate reporting.

  3. Well Thomas, let it be known that we can careless what you think about us LIBELING THE PM, tell him for us please <<< We better not say that cause this site is rated G.

    It is a SHAME and UTTER DISGRACE that young BOYS can get rape by teachers in schools, Young Girls can get rape in school. Young lives are distroyed forever, and NO ONE WOULD STAND UP TO PROTECT THE CHILDREN OF THIS COUNTRY?

    The young boys/victims can come forward, report the CRIME to police and nothing is done. Then people like you and Joe Blow can come on here Finley taking but SHAME ON US FOR fighting for the young and innocent in this country? LOOK HOW TWISTED YOU GUYS ARE?

    ANSWER US, WHY CANNOT THE POLICE complete an investigation and make an arrest on that TEACHER, but a Senator can be jailed in seconds? Does that not sound like POLITICS TO YOU? IS THAT NOT SELECTIVE JUSTICE? Well if that is the way the game is now set my friends watch the reaction. WATCH IT!

    In the maintime TELL THE PM FOR US TO STOP, DESSIST AND WITHDRAW HIS WITCHUNT, when you go to collect your cheque today! OK?

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  4. Media you are Libeling the PM. Do you have evidence that the PM is tapping the phones of members of the Opposition? There was a complaint allegedly made against persons for extortion.The reports are all over the International media. Are you blind and deaf when it comes to your friends Media? Disgraceful and shameful.Say ten Hail Marys and sin no more Media. You are not about change like you will have us believe. If you support Fred Mitchell you cannot be for change.

  5. Hubert Ingraham is setting a MAJOR precedent by tapping and investigating members of the opposition parties in this country. Soon it will lead to opposition rebels and later members of the media oppose to the government’s view.

    We at Bahamas Press cannot reject this enough, we cannot say enough that this is the same direction countries like Rwanda and Zimbabwe have gone. The direction of the police should remain with its commission panel. But this politicing on the ROYAL BAHAMAS POLICE FORCE is DANGEROUS and like the economic slump we forwarned, this is going to have SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES FOR THIS LITTLE COUNTRY!

    Earlier this year a charge was made that this kind of treatment by opposition vioces will begin in the Bahamas, where opposition members will be investigated and arrested. Well ZNS just reported this morning that Ms. Plesasent Bridgewater was arrested and is still being detained in connection with an alleged estortion in the Travolta son’s death. We believe the MP is above the fray in this, and will be proven innocent in any such act. She is a lawmaker, but as we said before, the Ingraham would nab these day a PLP MP, but Queen’s College RAPE incident is still quiet? EVERY MEMBER OF THAT LEADERSHIP OF THAT SCHOOL HAS NOW EQUALLY TAKEN PART IN THE COVERUP OF THAT CRIME AND HAS COMMITTED AN OFFENSE!

    See, we Bahamians have VERY VERY SHORT MEMORY, And here is a case we will be taking up to Washington D.C. when OUR FAMILY FRIEND ERIC HOLDER JR is confirmed early next week. “RICKY” (CALLED BY CLOSE FRIENDS) IS OUR MAN THAT IS ABOUT TO BE PLACED AS US ATTORNEY GENERAL, AND what is happening in the Bahamas is a CRYING SHAME!


    All we are saying in this, JUST how quickly Police can arrest and detain a former PLP MP and Senator, WE CALL ON THE POLICE TO TAKE OFF THAT SISSY HAT and find that same energy and arrest that GAY pedophile art teacher who molested more than 20 boys over an 8 year period on Grand Bahama!

    Bahamas Press/*Editor

  6. Joe Blow I agree with you. shame on Media for being so corrupt. That is why those police officers needed to be sent home. we are tired of files disappearing for a price, or because of politics or friendship. The Police need to do their job without fear or favour.

    The only person that a Police officer is supposed to report to is his commanding officer, on and up the chain of Command, not to any elected official not spelled out in law, such as the Minister responsible, or the PM. Mitchell like to talk fool ’bout the Police supposed to respect and do what MPs tell them to. An MP is a member of the public just like anyone else. Where Mitchell get this foolishness from anyhow? Lock them up!

  7. Media: Shame on you! You want the teacher to be dealt with swiftly but now that it might be an opposition politician you call the police the Gestapo? The Travoltas made the allegation. Would you have the police ignore it and have the U.S. media all over us again?

  8. Well you know that GUSTAPO Police will now take any opposing politican into custody. And we know why. This is the same reason why Hubert sent home all those officers. GET YOUR TICKETS PEOPLE, the Bahamas in decline to a police state!


  9. @media
    Female politician/lawyer associated with one of your ‘favourite’ people from FPO or should I say the Tribune’s favourite FPO MP.

  10. CNN broke the story early today. According to their report someone took a picture of the son just before he died and repotedly asked the Trovolta’s for 28 million dollars to keep it out of the press. They were saying there were two people involved- one of whom is a government official. The Sunday Miami Herald also had a brief article and they said it was a lawyer-politician.

  11. BP there is some other distrubing news coming out of Freeport tonight and it involves extortion and John Trovolta. I heard the lawyer/politician was taken into custody or at least for questioning tonight.

  12. Obviously you seem to know more about the teacher than any one else does. However, to be involved in a scandle such as this is very alarming. Teachers are the persons we as parents trust with our children daily, we tell our children that they are in command when we are not there. What he is being accused of doing undermines all of efforts that genuine people do to help children.

  13. Lord have mercy!! I really hope this teacher is not molesting those little boys. If this is true, this is a disgrace. How parents suppose to feel comfortable sending there children off to school knowing that some of these teachers are so mess up in their heads? Teachers are people who are supposed to set example for the children, not rob them of their innocence. Please say this is not happening in our schools.

  14. We are surpize that you would reject everything we write, but cannot agree with the mother and BOY story, THAT THE TEACHER HAS MOLESTED HER SON. You would dismiss the braces amnd dismiss our story from a fellow student, but you know everything about the teacher.

    We hope your not the teacher’s new pal. And that is the problem we questioned at that school, how is it NOT a TEACHER nor Student came forth after 8 years of MOLESTING at the school?

    Bahamas Press

  15. I read your write up very carefully. And I just would like to say that I know for a fact that the teacher did not pay for the young mans braces. The church outreach program paid for them and the mother has admitted this fact (read the Freeport News).
    And I just find some of this information difficult to believe. The young men could not be involved in an after school program because the teacher had another job. Check out the facts.
    I am not saying that he didn’t do what they are saying but quite a bit of what has been written has been disproved.

  16. Mr. Archer: homosexual – a person who is sexually attracted only by persons of his or her own sex. paedophile – a person displaying sexual love directed towards children. pervert – a person acting sexually other than in normal intercourse. incest – sexual intercourse between persons regarded too closely related to marry each other. It is important to know the differences. As part of your campaign strategy, why don’t you study these phenonmenon and educate us as to the possible numbers and the problems they cause in our society and the solutions we must employ to change this?

  17. The question that must be asked is, How many more schools is this happening in? I told you all they are everywhere. there are acts of abuse being committed by students on other students from Primary to Senior High. We now live in a society that openly embraces the violent culture of homosexuality and lesbianism. From politicians to religious leaders, there are many whom are morally bankrupt. These people are far removed from God and his commandments

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