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Duane Sands

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking news now coming into Bahamas Press confirms FNM candidate, Duane Sands, is the holder of an American Green Card, issued by the American Government.

Bahamas Press can confirm Sands applied for and was granted American status by the US government. The Green Card affords him the rights and privileges of a US citizen!

Bp will drop another bombshell this Sunday at 12noon detailing a shocking new revelation involving this Elizabeth by-election. Stay Tuned!!


  1. Well I personally feel its a weak TOPIC to talk about Ryan’s citizenship and now Duane. Well anyways My main concern with Ryan is that since he is a TAX LAWYER… How do he make money in The Bahamas. Therefore he would have to be US and Bahamas frequently. Making little room for us in Lizzy. Same with Dr. Sands who is a heart surgeon.  I still havent Made up my mind who im going for but the front-runner is Dr. Rollins .

  2. Once again you,BP, up here spreading lies and absolute foolishness…I tell you educate your self on the issue before you write it, even I shame for you today…calm down Citezenship is an entirely different thing from green card..Conflict of interest? free thinka/ BP you must not know Ryan, you really must not

  3. Why didn’t he disclose this information. BP had to discover these details from our State Department sources. What else is the doctor hiding? BP will tell you in short order come MONDAY MORNING!



  4. It is called an Authorization to Work Card and you can get it while you are applying for a Green Card if certain criteria are met.  It is only for work though and grants no other rights or privileges.    This information is on the web and widely available.   Check your facts BP – not your propaganda!

  5. It is not a work permit! It has privileges, PLENTY PLENTY PRIVILEGES!

    Again we say, you must request  this status!


  6. Altec IT IS NOT simply a work permit. If it was the US would not have something called a work permit for foreigners. It has a work permit and it has a GREEN CARD!


  7. US Green Card holders are barred from voting in federal elections.   They can vote in local and state elections if the local or state law where they want to vote allows it but usually not.  Also, Green Card holders are subject to a lot of scrutiny and yes, the thing can be revoked and quickly and it is very hard to get it back.  If Ryan did renounce his citizenship publicly but not “legally” it is ineffective entirely.  He might know this and this whole thing might be a ruse.  Dr. Sands is takin’ lizzie.

  8. Dr. Sands
    conflict of interest (COI) occurs when anindividual or organization is involved in multiple interests, one of which could possibly corrupt the motivation for an act in the other.
    A conflict of interest can only exist if a person or testimony is entrusted with some impartiality; a modicum of trust is necessary to create it. The presence of a conflict of interest is independent from the execution of impropriety. Therefore, a conflict of interest can be discovered and voluntarily defused before any corruption occurs.
    The occupations where a conflict of interest is most likely to be encountered or discovered include: policemanlawyerinsurance adjuster,politicianengineer, executive, director of acorporationmedical research scientist,physician, writer, or editor. In short—any entrusted individual or organization.

  9. The US Govt. can reject someone’s renewal of their green card, they cannot reject someone who is citizen from being a citizen.

  10. BP,  only certain municipalities in the US allow Green Card holders the right to vote on certain things.  As a US Green Card holder, I cannot vote.  Besides, Green Cards can be revoked, particularly when the holder does not reside in the US for a certain period of time.

  11. Well BP, an enlightened people will see your reporting for what it is….

    It is sad, that you choose to resort to this…

    Just report the facts ma bruddah, we’ll decide… And we’ll be sure to let you know when your stories don’t add up!!!

    I won’t give up on BP, it have excellent potential!

  12. ncl:  I am listening……and you are.  Why elese would we visit here everyday?Seriously though, we need that road at the back of Faith Temple School paved.  Quickly.    I would like for  it to be paved by Tuesday morning when I go there to vote.  Thank you my so caring FNM Government, I know you would not disappoint me.


    If you dont believe me, then GOOGLE “GREEN CARD”

    A Green card is not “the next step to being an American citizen.” Being issued a green card is similar to being issued a work permit in the Bahamas. The government can reject your application whenever your time expires.

  14. The Green card is the next step to being an American citizen. You can also vote on issues in the US. You can do everything except run for Present.

    The US has a work permit. It is like a VISA, but a Green Card is more than that.


  15. While I don’t support neither FNM nor PLP, what’s all the hoopla about citizenship and green card.  If I am not mistaken neither Pinder or Sands have anything legally barring them from sitting in the HOA.  Dual-citizens who have obtained citizenship non-volunteerily can be MPs, in addition to those who have permanent residency in another country.  Among other things, Articles 47 & 48 the Constitution states that the candidate has to be a citizen of the Bahamas and be ordinarily residing in the country for at least a year prior to nomination.  Both of Pinder & Sands fall within these categories.   Why can’t ppl just stick to the real issues at hand instead of bringing up ones that don’t affect the constituents of Elizabeth?

    • I agree – What’s the big deal about having a green card?  People let’s stick to the issues that affect Elizabeth voters.

  16. If Dr Sands was a naturalized American then he would have had to renounce his Bahamian citizenship and would become an American citizen and would be able to vote in the US.

    Having a green card isnt a big deal. If Ryan Pinder didnt get his citizenship through his mother, the only way he could have worked in the US legally was to get a green card (which means he would be a Bahamian working in the US legally) or marry a US citizen!

    This isnt a big deal.

  17. BP you are not correct in your analysis about the green card. Obtaining a green card does not give you rights and privileges of citizenship in America.

    An American green card only means your a non American with the ability to work legally in the US. The Bahamas has something similar called a work permit. You still cant vote in the US because your not a citizen and only able to legally work in the US.

    Now if Dr Sands was “naturalized” then he is an American citizen. But having a green card only means you can work legally in the US and one is still a citizen of his/her birth place.

  18. What is more distinging – I am hearing from people that Ryan actively campaigned and supported John McCain and Sara Palin in the last U S Elections… BP can you confirm this for your reading public… limited they are…

  19. Desperate boi!  Desperate!  Allegedly Ryan Pinder renounces his citizenship but if he really, really did this – then why did he wait until today to tell everyone – I will tell you why – he is probably lying through his teeth – show us the US Diplomat Ryan Pinder met with in a foreign land (I guess us) in front of whom he did this thing!  He is desperate because he knows that Dr. Sands is gonna take it and he don’t know what to do – digging himself while stuck in quicksand!  ha! Ha! ha!

  20. Poor BP.. it is a good thing that no one is listening to you alll.. I mean no one… You’ll desperate now… You here defending A man who is U S citizen and now you spreading lies about a man who you claim is a U S PR…Shame on ya’llFNM get this one BP.. Papa do not take no mess..

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