Signs of Hope & Change (Elizabeth One Step Closer)



By K. Renaldo Collie [FACEBOOK.COM]

Elizabeth, You know, they hoped and prayed this day would never come. They hoped that our party was too divided; too disillusioned to ever come together around a common purpose. But on this February night – at this defining moment in history – you have done what the FNM & their rag sheet The Tribune said we couldn’t do. Elizabeth, in 5 days you have the opportunity to truly prove to them that in this decade in this century change does not come from Parliament, Change is coming to Parliament. In yellow shirts & jackets that stretched as far as the eye can see in our motorcades and rally’s; you came together as free independent people to stand up and say that we the PLP are back!!!!

Last night and tonight, with your mere presence Elizabeth, you sent a clear message to Papa & Duane Sands that the time has come to move beyond the bitterness and pettiness and victimization that’s consumed this country; to end the political strategy that’s been all about division and instead make it about addition – to build a new government that has a strategy not only to win but also to govern. Because that’s how we’ll win in 2012, and that’s how we’ll finally meet the challenges of this 21st century.

Elizabeth it’s time we begin choosing hope over fear. It’s time we begin choosing unity over division, and the time has come for us to tell not only the FNM but the world that real meaningful change is coming to The Bahamas. Elizabeth your united voices has spoken and has shown the Bay Street Merchants who think their money and their influence speak louder than our voices that they don’t own this government, we do; and we are here to take it back.

The time has come for a Prime Minster and a government who will be honest about the choices and the challenges we face; who will listen to you and learn from you even when we disagree; who won’t just tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to know. And in Elizabeth, if you give our young Ryan Pinder and the PLP the same chance that you gave Malcolm nearly 3 years ago; we will be that Government for you.

Watching this campaign, we’ve all had the privilege to witness what is best in Elizabeth. We’ve seen it in the lines of voters that stretch around Thelma Gibson school at nomination day and the huge chorus of young people who are prepared to cast their ballot for the very first time; and the not so young, who are getting involved again after a very long time. We continue to see it in the faces of men and women in all the rallies and town halls across the country that we’ve had. Men and women who speak of their struggles but also their hopes and their dreams.

It’s what led so many of you who have lost so much to march and organize and stand for your freedoms, and cry out, that although it may look dark tonight, if I hold onto hope, tomorrow will be brighter. That’s what this election is about!!!!! That’s the choice we face right now!!!!! To our youth who are attending the rallies, we’ve got to have every single one of you voting, and you’ve got to grab five more. All of you have got to vote. All of you have to dig down deep. All of you have to help us make history. This is our country, this is our home, this is our moment this is our time; to unite in common purpose, to make this century, the next Bahamian Century!!!

So once again Elizabeth like I always say, if you’ll knock on some doors for us, if you’ll make some calls for us, if you’ll talk to your neighbors and convince your friends, if you wills stand with us and fight with us and give us your vote. We promise you, we will win this bye-election, we will win the general election and, forward, upward, onward, together, we will change this country and make it the best in the world.

Let’s Go to work!!!!!


  1. So to my suprise my doorbell just rang and I saw the most beautiful woman this country has ever known.
    Lady Pindling! And according to mama we are to run papa out of town. He is not wanted here and as we all know

  2. Please freethinker don’t make our work sooo hard. The site is rated G.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

    And look at alllll the police on the outriders. Tell papa take effin datB
    I hope this one send him to he grave to lay up side he mentor.

  4. Well anyone seein this 200 cars deep float through lizzy?
    If anyone had doubts they don’t now. Lizzy is PLP ALLL DA WAY!
    We ready to treat papa like the no good, good for nothuin dead beat dad he is.
    Lizzy ready to send a message to pappa so the rest of the bahamas can see.
    And the message we will be sendin papa is “PAPA CYARR YA ASSSSS!”

  5. Russel u ain need to run on with these ppl. LIZZY IS PLP TOWN, when the plp won the last election we still celebrated the fact that the plp reigns in this constituency.
    So if that flippin oooogly gorilla from the amazon jungle think he can intimidate us he is dead wrong.
    The good ppl of lizzy are hard working god fearing ppl and we will not be moved by obeah or any type of crookery the fnm gat up they sleeves.
    This are was named after Queen Elizabeth and no one else so that (garden tool) that gave birth to the gorilla need to go str8 to hell.
    We don’t play wit fire round here. As for all the john josephs and mary come lately’s who are fans of papa yawl better get yawl shed str8 and go back ‘chemikal woad’ wit that torch.
    The good ppl of lizzy will PISS ON THAT TORCH come Feb.16th!!

  6. Its yellow time and the presence of so many Cabinet Ministers in Lizzy shows that the FNM is desperate.Its no turning back as the Elizabethans recognise that they have a golden opportunity to smash the Armada as Queen Elizabeth I did centuries ago.The PUNCH AND TRIBUNE are now in overdrive trying to take away from Elizabethans the right to make a choice.PLP hatred is rife in that rag sheet as the editor said in an editorial dated Friday 12 Feb that the only reason persons should not vote for Pinder is due to the fact that he is a PLP candidate.Well blow mw down our oppressors are back.Elizabethans smash the oppressors by voting PLP ALL THE WAY.

    • Russell-Johnson, Sands get this one.. I predict it will be 2 to 1… further, the FNM will win at least one of the three polls in Lizzie proper that will stun ya’ll PLPs.. we get this one…

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