1. @Kim Sands
    My dear you are so right and I feel the same way but many times persons like bahamasyouth just says something without any facts.Watch them as they love to comment on every story but bring nothing to the conversation.I just love your down the middle approach to the conversations.Bahamasyouth weas kicked out of the FNM convention bcos as a reporter he was unwilling to follow their dictatorial rules for this I admire him.

  2. Bahamasyouth :YES YES YES………. POINT HIM OUT for the WHATLESS MAN HE IS…….. WHATLESS. Let all of his followers know how he is truly destroying the PLP.

    Just look at you talking foolishness.Stay out of BP and my jibe.When I speak of fireworks between us it involves our conversation and nothing else.Bp has harshly criticised me and I have likewise returned the barbs all in upfront dialogue.I have done the same to you but your responses have been dilluted and without facts.If you were on this blog months earlier you would have seen where I warned BP about him turning Christie into a tiger,well the rest is history.Watch and learn as you need the teachings but am ashamed of you if you are at COB and have not researched and brought empirical evidence to suppoprt your so far very weak arguments.Shame,shame.

  3. Whether it is a story about the FNM or PLP it really shouldn’t make a bit of difference. We need to know what kind of people we have in these leadership roles in the country and if they could be trusted. I admire anybody who is willing to go out on the limb to expose these politicians, because when you really look at it, so many of the other journalists in the country have failed us miserably. I feel most of them are probably working under fear or worried about being a victim of victimization and that is why they don’t touch on certain topics, I have to think like this, because I would hate to believe they are just going to work for a steady paycheck.

  4. @Russell Johnson
    So if Bp could be nasty to FNM or Hubert Ingraham you all up in that putting your 0.01 cents but then when they point out on Perry Christie its a war……….. IGNORANCE!!!!!!!!

  5. Now the real BP is back so fireworks will explode between us again.Am tired of having to live off bahamasyouth and futurevoice as they are too light and not stimulating.Now you BP has my attention as you are very nasty and can take good cut …s.I hope PAPA did not fix you up as am ready.Let the games begin and all amateurs are not welcome as you do not stimulate the conversation.I just knew some nastiness was missing bcos after I disposed of futurevoice the child molestor he picked on you lo lolo.

  6. Or, is it that traffic on this website has slowed so much that u had to pull your trump card…. (PC)

  7. YES YES YES………. POINT HIM OUT for the WHATLESS MAN HE IS…….. WHATLESS. Let all of his followers know how he is truly destroying the PLP.

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