BREAKING NEWS RIOT IN ABACO SCHOOL… Police at this hour are on the scene at the Abaco Central High School which is in lock down. A riot broke out this afternoon resulting in three students being taken to a local clinic. One of the victims is suffering from severe stab wounds. Police are holding an undermined amount of students in connection with this incident. We inderstand a call was made into the Cabinet room updating the Prime Minister who is meeting in an emergency meeting at this hour..Stay Tuned to BP.



  1. remember the quote by Tommy T wannabe leader that Policemen were being taken out of schools to fight crime on the streets?What will he say now?this is the same person who tried to assure us in jan 2009 when he had fired experienced Policemen that all would be fine tuned now impacting Crime.Is sure has but negatively and Carl is the first victim of this flawed policy.Te4achers are afraid,parents are afraid and the untrained security oFFICERS ARE AT THE MERCY OF MAURADING THUGS.Stop,cancel Review,victimise will be the subject of many Dissertations.Fortunately and unfortunately ther is lots of avauilable material and some FNM politicians will have to answer to those unborn as to why they sat and did nothing among those who dont care for our country.

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