BTC Business Team talks with Customers.

Nassau, The Bahamas. June 9, 2017. BTC participated in the 27th annual Conference of Regional Central Banks’ Information Systems Specialists. Over 250 participants attended the conference from both private and commercial banks.

BTC’s Vice President for Business Carlyle Roberts spoke about securing mobile devices at the event’s opening. Roberts said, “The Central Bank approached us to support the event because we provide a suite of Network Security Solutions.”

BTC offers a number of security options for their business customers. One such option is a Cyber Threat Assessment Program (CTAP). Mr. Roberts explained, “This is a seven-day free assessment that we provide to our clients where we assess their network to see if there have been any recent intrusions or if the network is susceptible to any type of intrusion. If we are able to detect anything, we can make recommendations and then offer a Unified Threat Management Solution (UTM). This mitigates the threat and impact of attacks on their network.”

The telecommunications company also offers a Mobile Device Management solution (MDM), which allows businesses to control the mobile devices they provide to their employees.

Roberts added, “A lot of our financial institutions see the security solutions as most needed by virtue of the business that they’re in. They want their customers to be confident that their information is secure. Especially with a lot of the recent attacks on banks with network hacking and fraud.”

This unique blend of Security solution services are presently only offered at BTC. Mr. Roberts said, “We don’t look at ourselves as just a mobile provider. We’re a full service provider. We’re able to provide solutions that help our customer’s business operate more efficiently. This also allows us to solidify our partnerships with our business customers.”

The conference was held at the Central Bank on Market Street from Wednesday to Friday.